There are few things that look better in a home than clean wood floors. No matter whether you use a dark or a light wood; or whether you throw down rugs or leave them bare, wood floors give a touch of class to any house.

Of course, that sense of style and luxury comes at a price – it needs looking after. Being very much the high-maintenance partner of floor coverings, if you want clean wood floors, you have to be prepared to put the effort in. It’s not like carpeting, where you can get away with running a vacuum cleaner over it once a week. It’s not like a tiled floor, which is happy with a mop and a bucket of soapy water every now and then.

No: if you want clean wood floors, then you need a plan. Fortunately, you have come to the right place, as we present you with…

…drum roll, please…

The Complete Wood Floor Cleaning Guide

It’s important to remember that cleaning wood floors is something best achieved in layers. We don’t mean ridding your floor of dirt one layer at a time – that would be impractical at best. Rather, it’s important to work to a layered routine of floor care, in order to prolong the lustrous floor finish of your fine hardwood floor.

In this routine, we look at tasks that need to be performed daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

Daily wood floor cleaning routine

Nothing too strenuous here: just a bit of light dusting to prevent the dirt from piling up. Our main tip, even at this early stage, is to forget about using a brush or a broom. All you end up doing is pushing the dust around and that’s no good for anybody. Microfiber cleaning pads and/or mops are a much more effective way to go about it, as they trap allergens and dirt in their fibers. Perhaps more importantly – strictly from a wood floor cleaning point of view – there is minimal risk of scratching the floor.

How To Clean Wood Floors: The Complete Guide

Of course, any spillages should be mopped up as soon as they occur, using a cleaning pad, and then the area of the floor can be dry polished with a microfiber sponge again.

Weekly wood floor cleaning routine

Once a week use a vacuum cleaner to access those tricky-to-reach parts of the floor – corners, gaps between the planks, and so on. Ensure that your vacuum cleaner has some kind of hardwood setting, and be gentle with it. After all, you don’t want to scratch your floor.

Next it’s time to start mopping. You want your mop to be damp, not soaked. While you can use soap and water, we recommend using a hardwood floor cleaner together with a microfiber mop. Again, you don’t need gallons of the stuff: a light spray will be enough. Be sure to mop with the grain of the wood, as this motion is more efficient at picking up dirt.

Okay – time for a break. Since we’re mentioning them here, it’s as good a time as any to look at the role of the humble mop in obtaining clean wood floors.

Best mops for hardwood flooring

You basically have three choices here: a wool dry mop, a microfiber mop, or a soft-bristled broom. While good results are possible with all three, nothing gets a nice lustrous sheen on a hardwood floor quite like a good microfiber mop. It’s gentler and more effective, usually only needing a single run across the floor to get the job done.

Anyway – back to the list…

Best way to clean hardwood flooring

Monthly wood floor cleaning routine

Using a quality deep cleaning fluid, specially formulated for hardwood floors can work wonders. It can remove light scuff marks, greasy marks and other sticky messes. You want to find a floor cleaner that doesn’t leave a residue and isn’t overly powerful. Some people will recommend a water and vinegar solution. While these can be effective getting rid of grime, they leave a dull finish to the wood. This monthly routine requires a little more effort than your weekly and daily chores. Get a microfiber cleaning pad and go over the floor a foot or so at a time.

You may be tempted to use a steam cleaner to clean hardwood floors, but we would definitely recommend against that. The heat and the moisture from the steam cleaner will almost certainly ruin any varnish or sealant you might have on your floor. What’s worse, given enough heat, it could even end up warping the wood itself.

Quarterly wood floor cleaning routine

Whether or not your hardwood floor has a sealant, it’s worth giving it a good, deep polish every three months or so. Not only does it improve the floor’s luster, it also fills in those microscopic scratches that you might otherwise miss.

Annual wood floor cleaning routine

Okay, so this is the big one. Once a year, we need to complete a three-step process to make sure that your hardwood floors are all that they can be. We call this: revive, renew, and refinish.

Step 1: revive

This is basically a more thorough cleaning of your floor than you do the rest of the year. It can be achieved with a good hardwood floor cleaner, a mop, and some old-fashioned elbow grease. Alternatively, you can buy or rent a mechanized floor buffer, designed specifically for hardwood floors. Once you’re finished, the floor will be clean and free of a year’s worth of accumulated grime, including paint, greasy marks, and similar sticky messes.

Step 2: renew

A liberal application of wood floor oil, gently rubbed into the wood and buffed to a fine shine with a microfiber cloth will have your floor looking as good as new, in most cases. It will seep into the wood, giving it a deeper colour and disguising smaller imperfections in the finish.

Step 3: refinish

Sometimes, however well you look after it, your floor will look past its prime. Repeated spillages (or other messes like pet urine/stains, for example) are the most common cause. The wood may be slightly warped, or the finish cracked and bubbling. In these extreme circumstances, recommend hiring a professional to sand it down and refinish it for you.

And there you have it

A year-round schedule for keeping clean hardwood floors. If it sounds like a lot of work, just remember: most of these steps take a few minutes to complete. Sure, your annual routine might be a bit more involved, but that’s only once a year.

Besides, if you keep up with the rest of the schedule, by the time your yearly check-up comes around there is much less chance of there being any serious damage incurred.

Thanks for reading this list, and remember to keep coming back for more hints and tips on how to make the most of your hardwood floor.

Choosing the right bathroom flooring

When it comes to a new bathroom floor, there are several different options available to you, and hardwood flooring can be a beautiful choice. Like any bathroom floor option, there are certain considerations you need to bear in mind, like moisture and maintenance. However, a hardwood bathroom floor can be a gorgeous and practical design choice if installed and maintained correctly. Hardwood floors are a much better choice than soft floors like a carpet in the bathroom, but they do require extra care, as moisture can be a risk to a hardwood floor and the bathroom is the wettest room in the house. There is a wide range of stunning hardwood bathroom floor options. There are also specific treatments to reduce water damage like warping and expanding. If you decide that a hardwood floor is the look you want for your bathroom, follow these tips to ensure it stays in the best possible condition.

Is Hardwood Floor Right for A Bathroom?

How to seal wood floors in a bathroom

One of the most important things when choosing the right bathroom flooring is sealing your wood floor correctly. As bathrooms are wet environments, you need to protect your floor with a waterproof seal, to stop the water seeping into the wooden floor. A finishing agent can be used to create an invisible barrier between wood and water. Use a polyurethane-based sealer and apply several times. Pay special attention to seams and joints where water may leak. Talk to your chosen flooring provider about your specific needs and see whether you can purchase treated wooden flooring. You can reapply your finishing treatment every couple of months. Regular maintenance will also help your floor last longer.

Wood flooring and bathroom waterproofing

In its natural state, hardwood is particularly vulnerable to water damage, as wood is an absorbent material. Unfortunately, wood can warp, stain and expand if not treated correctly. Hardwood like classic dark oak or walnut is a much better choice than softer woods like pine. This is due to their dense grain which makes them less absorbent thus less prone to water damage.

When choosing the right bathroom flooring, it is important to bear in mind the high humidity that can be common in bathrooms, which can damage wooden floors. You can use a dehumidifier or moisture traps to keep damp, mold and mildew to a minimum. It is also a good idea to try and reduce spills and splashes, with rugs or use tiles around bath areas. Flooding can be catastrophic for a wooden floor, so keep on top of bathroom maintenance and plumbing to prevent and possible floods. 

Advantages of hardwood in a bathroom

Though high maintenance, hardwood flooring in bathrooms remains a popular choice because of its stunning look and longevity. Wooden flooring has a beautiful, natural appeal, with a wide variety of choices and beautiful patterns in the grain. Hardwood flooring in a bathroom can also be a much more natural alternative to tiles or linoleum. Because wooden floors are vulnerable to water damage, they may not be the best choice for family bathrooms used by children. However, for guest bathrooms or en-suites, they can provide a stunning interior choice.

Wooden floors are incredibly versatile and go with a wide range of interior design schemes. If you keep your floor properly maintained it can last for years. Wooden floors have a classic, timeless appeal, stunning natural beauty and it comes in many patterns like herringbone and planks. Furthermore, bathrooms can often seem cold and clinical with all white tiles. A wooden floor provides warmth and texture to a room that often needs it. The bathroom can be a gorgeous, relaxing oasis of calm. Use natural materials like oak and linen to create a bathroom that feels like a luxury spa. 

How to prevent hardwood floor damage

Because wooden floors are vulnerable to water damage, they need a little bit of extra care and attention than other bathroom flooring options. Because of the cost and quality of hardwood floors, it is a good idea to take some preventative measures to reduce the risk of damage to your bathroom wood floor. There are several practical ways you can protect your wooden floor, like using bathroom tiles around the bath where spills and splashes are likely. Another great tip is placing rugs and bath mats in places where water is likely to pool. You can use different styles of rugs or bath mats to update your room and change the style of it too.

When choosing the right bathroom flooring, you should be aware of the maintenance necessary for keeping your floor in the best condition possible. It is essential to keep your bathroom plumbing well maintained so the risk of flooding is reduced. Look out for any drips or leaky pipes, especially valve connections beneath a pedestal sink or toilet. Watch out for condensation around cold water lines too. It is also important to clean up any spills as soon as they happen. Simple steps like standing on a bathmat after a shower and making sure you turn off the taps can all help protect a bathroom hardwood floor. Be careful with chemical cleaners or products in the bathroom which can be acidic. These can stain the wood or eat through the waterproof coating so keep them tidied away.  

Installing hardwood floors in bathroom

The installation of your hardwood floor is of the utmost importance. It is worth getting a professional to make sure there are no leaks or gaps.  Creating a tight seal between the wooden floor and water in the bathroom is important to reduce any seepage. If your bathroom floor slopes, water can pool in lower areas. These moisture pools can be damaging to wooden floors so consider getting your floor leveled before installing a hardwood floor. To find the best flooring for bathroom, talk to a specialist hardwood flooring provider; we help you choose the best wooden floor for your needs and can recommend treatments for protecting the floor too. When properly looked after and well-maintained, a hardwood floor can last for years.

How To Pick a Zig Zag Wood Floor – including Chevron and Herringbone

There is something deeply hypnotic and relaxing, about a well laid zig zag wood floor. That flowing geometric pattern invites you into living spaces and work environments.

In fact, you could say that creating left to right “movement” is the yin and yang of wooden flooring!

The design options for zig zag wood floor layouts are many and varied. The only common feature is the angles and lines created, to add interest. There will always be many fans of wooden floors in straight parallel boards. However, growing numbers of homeowners and architects want the balance and appeal of a zig zag effect on their floors.

So, how do you create a zig zag wood floor?

Insight into wood floor in a zig zag design

You could simply ask your wood floor installer to lay traditional materials in a large scale angular way, though this involves a lot of waste in cutting floor lengths to fit.

It is far more effective to use parquet flooring materials to build this dualistic floor pattern. Parquet flooring is smaller pieces of wood that slot together in a form of mosaic effect.

You can create various dimensions in zig zag wood flooring, using either Chevron or Herringbone designs. What’s the difference between chevron and herringbone zig zags?

These are sometimes used as interchangeable terms when specifying wood floors. They are subtly different though. Each creates a different kind of zig zag effect.

If you wanted a uniform, sharply angled geometric pattern, chevron parquet is the best option. The zig zag wood floor – whether it’s hardwood or engineered wood – is based on a series of sharply symmetrical “tiles”.

Herringbone wooden flooring, on the other hand, does not have that same distinctive angular cut. It can be purchased in various sizes, and when laid out in a specific way the rectangular pieces create parquet floors in a zig zag motif.

Herringbone Zig Zag Floor

Herringbone Zig Zag Floor

Interior design trends that match zig zag floors

Inspiration and passion to create a zig zag wood floor could mean that you are planning the rest of the room around this strikingly beautiful option.

Or, you may have an existing home or workspace that you’re considering “pepping up” with an angular floor design.

This option for wood floor designs is universal and can be adapted to many different surroundings. However, it’s advisable to proceed with caution if you intend to put the zig zag floor in a room that has strongly patterned or elaborate wall coverings. Indeed, a zig zag floor doesn’t look its best when the room is very busy in general, with rugs and furniture scattered around. You don’t want to create too many focal points around the room. It can all look a little overwhelming.

Instead, why not let the glory of your zag wood floor shine through!

You can still choose a wood effect, color shade or finish for your wooden floor that matches your overall room theme. Then, let the floor “do the talking” when your family or visitors “do the walk in”!

How to enhance a zig zag wood floor

When you plan out a zig zag wood floor, the direction of the angles is important. That’s true whether it’s a herringbone or chevron wood floor.

The best starting point is often to survey the room, and decide whether you are going to establish a particular focal point. For example, do you want your zig zag wood floor to draw attention towards a statement wall, or a picture window in the room?

For all the balance and flow those wonderful angles and lines create, there are still ways to “ramp up” the appeal of your new floor too.

You can have wood flooring stained and finished to create a very uniform color shade right across the space. It’s very popular though, to let the natural character and charm of wood add its value. This means even the most geometrically perfect zig zag parquet floor, will vary across its flow. The grain or shading of the hardwood adds a rich authenticity and interest to your zig zag pattern. The perfect example is our Vecchio Casale Smoked Chevron Wood Floor.

The finishes for your zig zag wood floor can also change the whole ambience of the room. For example, a deep shine on deep brown walnut flooring looks magnificent in any home. However, you could go for a more rustic or stripped back vibe with matt effect ivory white oak to create a warm, welcoming room.

Another way to make a zig zag floor even more aesthetically appealing is to specify textured hardwood tiles. That way, your floor feels as unusual and attractive as it looks!

You can also vary the shades of wood used across the design. This can serve to emphasize certain room locations and features; even potentially zoning a large living space or work environment.

More layout options for zig zag wood floors

The overall design of your zig zag wood floor could be uniform across the room, perfectly aligned and symmetrical as a whole. This would involve starting the geometric pattern from one wall, and progressing the installation to finish neatly on the opposite side of the room.

Alternatively, you could commission a custom wood floor design that varies the direction and flow of the zag zags. The alternating right and left angles themselves could still be perfectly spaced apart. However, the flooring would shift and change direction for a truly “statement” effect.

Important advice on creating a zig zag wood floor

As well as looking amazing, wooden flooring is incredibly hard wearing, durable and low maintenance. However, the more intricate the design, the more aware you need to be that quality counts!

When laying any wood floor design, high-caliber materials and professional installation “lay the way” for a flawless, lasting finish.

If you create a zig zag wood floor the last thing you need is for the finished result to include gaps or room for movement. Or, for the hardwood tiles to start splitting or cracking.

Buying from a reputable supplier of materials for zig zag wood flooring “points” to a wise investment in your home or work building!

Cleaning your zig zag wood floor would also then be as easy as any other hardwood flooring. It could involve gentle sweeping, and the occasional clean with specialist solutions and as little water as possible.

Rhodium Floors sources its hardwoods from the leading mills across the globe, to get the sustainable materials that can be trusted to look – and perform beautifully – even in areas of high footfall.

The team at Rhodium Floors is always happy to provide free help and advice, including how to get your zigs and your zags boxed off perfectly.

Shabby Chic Floors – Reclaimed Wood Flooring & Tiles
Shabby chic is a great interior design trend that is so versatile, and we are seeing a growing demand for shabby chic floors in stylish homes. Shabby chic floors offer a rustic, homely feel, perfect for a family home. Whether you want a beautiful aged oak floor for a shaker style kitchen or terracotta tiles for a shabby chic bathroom, there are so many beautiful style choices for you. A reclaimed wooden floor is often the most popular choice for a shabby chic home, due to its natural appeal and aged look. However, vintage-inspired tiles are also making a comeback in shabby chic homes.

Why choose a shabby chic floor?

There are so many benefits to a shabby chic floor. It is both a practical solution for a busy home and a stylish choice for a high-end interior. The shabby chic aesthetic is the perfect antidote to modernist, minimalist design. It celebrates vintage and reclaimed materials, character furniture and cute, homely details. It is also far more practical, and easy to maintain. A shabby chic floor is bursting with character. This means any wear and tear from hectic family life simply enhances the look. Shabby chic style is easy to adapt and change. Its eclectic appeal means that your room can constantly be updated to suit your tastes. Choosing a great quality shabby chic floor allows you to update and change your interior, whilst tying the room together with a stunning statement floor.

What to look for in shabby chic floors

There are certain things that it is important to bear in mind when you are choosing a shabby chic floor. The first is quality. You need a floor that is durable, high quality and long lasting. A reclaimed wooden floor can last for decades to so it’s a great investment for your house. You may also want to choose a painted finish. Look for floors that match the shabby chic aesthetic of worn paint and pastel hues, like the stunning Liquid Gold Reclaimed Driftwood Floor. Look for shabby chic floors which are finished to a high standard. Try out a few different samples to see what works best in your space.

Choosing reclaimed shabby chic floors

It is essential that you find a flooring company that sources the highest quality reclaimed wood. You also need to decide what size and width planks you are looking for. This will depend on the size of your space, for example, larger planks may look overbearing in a small space and smaller patterned tiles could work better. In a large space, chunky, wide planks look stunning, as do bold patterns like a herringbone or chevron floor. Look for high quality reclaimed wood that has a history and provenance too. Reclaimed wooden floors have unique patterns, details, and colours which make them so appealing. For a cool and contemporary shabby chic floor, Driftwood Gun Grey French Oak Wood Flooring is an ideal choice, with a silvery grey tone and timeless appeal.

Shabby chic style

The shabby chic style has been popular for many years now as it is a beautiful, homely look, which can be updated and reinterpreted. There are a few design rules for shabby chic spaces. However, one of the best things about this interior design scheme is the relaxed approach you can take. For large surfaces, like walls and floors, neutral, pale colors are best. It is important that you get the right balance between shabby chic and scruffy, but this is easily solved by keeping the space clean. Cozy details like handmade rugs and vintage pieces of furniture are essential. A shabby chic home should be full of personality too. Look for quirky pieces you love and don’t be afraid to attempt some shabby chic DIY projects too.

A versatile flooring choice

Another lovely thing about shabby chic floors is that they are so versatile, and can go with a number of different design schemes. If you are going for a rustic, country kitchen, then a shabby chic floor is the perfect choice to match your wooden units and chalk painted chairs. However, if down the line you decide to change to an ultra modern kitchen, a reclaimed wooden floor still has the quality and finish to complement this look. A stunning statement wooden floor like the Arthur Reclaimed French Oak Floor will suit any interior with its warm tones and unique texture. Shabby chic floors can also work well with an industrial aesthetic, or a rustic, Scandinavian inspired look.

Shabby chic tiles

Another great option for a shabby chic home is a classic tiled floor. Picture french country houses with busy kitchens, and grand hallways with terracotta mosaic tiles for some inspiration. This heritage-inspired look is so on trend. There are also more tile choices available than ever before. With a rough texture and a neutral colorway, the Painted Carraro Antique Stone Tile Floor is the perfect shabby chic choice, handmade by artisans in Italy. Look for natural materials, high-quality craftsmanship and unique details. Tiles are also a great choice in period homes, especially Victorian homes where tiles were a popular choice. They are also easy to clean and a durable flooring solution.

Shabby Chic Floors – Reclaimed Wood Flooring & Tiles

Shabby Chic Floors – Reclaimed Wood Flooring & Tiles

What colors work for shabby chic floors?

The shabby chic look is full of pastel hues and earthy tones, which makes it perfect for a versatile space. Look for muted tones and faded colors to really capture the shabby chic look. Tiles are also good if you have a particular color scheme in mind. You can choose complimentary colored tiles and bring out the different shades. For example, if you are using the classic shabby chic colors of sage green and pale yellow, a floor like the Assilah Green cement tile is a stunning choice. For a lovely blue shabby chic room, with duck egg and cornflower touches, a floor like the Duero blue floor, with its cracked details and vintage charm is perfect.

White kitchen flooring options for your home – wooden floors and tiles

If you need a new kitchen floor and are looking for the wow factor, there are some great white flooring options that are perfect for finishing off your space. A white kitchen floor is a gorgeous, bold design choice. From stunning stone tiles to beautiful white wooden floors, we look at what white kitchen flooring options are out there and which you should consider for your new kitchen. Are you are going for a super luxurious look? Do you prefer a modern and minimalist kitchen? Whatever your requirements, we have some white kitchen floor options you will love.

A classic white oak wooden floor

Wooden floors work so well in kitchens, with a timeless appeal that is perfect for creating a warm and homely environment. It’s great for open plan living spaces too. A white oak kitchen floor is a classic stylish choice. There are also a huge variety of wood finishes and treatments to get the floor you want. If you are looking for a true white colorway, then a treated wooden floor like the Ivory white oak floor is ideal. This stunning kitchen floor choice has a delicate pearl finish, which shimmers in the light too. This is perfect for a glamorous home, with lots of metallic accents and antiques as well. White wooden floors are versatile and long-lasting, so if you want to update your kitchen in the future, you won’t have to replace the kitchen floor.

An exquisite white marble floor

A white marble floor is perhaps the most luxurious of the white kitchen floor options. With impeccable quality and a timeless appeal, a white marble floor is a beautiful choice. These natural stone slabs make for a truly impressive kitchen. A white marble kitchen is perfect for entertaining too. Look to glamorous hotels, high-end Los Angeles homes and exclusive spas for design inspiration. With beautiful natural patterns, each white marble floor is unique. This makes a white marble floor the perfect choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

A contemporary white leaf tiled floor

If you are looking for a more modern kitchen floor, then white patterned floor tiles are one of your best white kitchen floor options. Look for subtle patterns like this abstract leaf design so it will continue to match a range of decorative schemes. Patterns inspired by nature are perfect for creating balance too. White kitchen floor tiles are easy to look after, and their unique texture makes for a beautiful kitchen floor. Choose high-quality tiles made from porcelain or ceramic to give your kitchen a designer look. For something a little different, a textured white patterned tile gives this classic kitchen look a modern twist.

A luxurious white and gold mosaic floor

Mosaic floors have been used in kitchens for thousands of years; you can see beautiful mosaic kitchen floors in ancient towns and ruins all over the world. However, mosaic floors, like patterned tiles, are experiencing a resurgence. They provide a classic and sophisticated look, a million miles away from the swimming pool floor that may have come to mind. For a unique look, choose artisan handcrafted tiles like the Temara White Mosaic tile which has a beautiful golden yellow woven pattern. This pattern works really well in relaxed and comfortable kitchens, with white walls and neutral units. In general, contemporary designer kitchen floor tiles are a beautiful and luxurious choice.

A minimalist white mosaic floor

For a more minimalist white kitchen floor, the classic white mosaic tile provides a unique and high-quality choice. This white flooring choice is perfect for a dazzling all-white kitchen and it is essential that you always keep it clean! If you are going for a minimalist look, then bright white surfaces and shiny metal accents are also essential. Inspired by professional kitchens and ultra-modern spaces, this is a chef’s favorite choice of white kitchen flooring options. Available as mosaic tile panels or mosaic pieces, this versatile flooring option is great for unusually shaped kitchens too.

White geometric tile kitchen floor

Geometric kitchen floor tiles are gorgeous, modern and visually striking. Bold geometric white tiles are ideal for this look, bringing together classic materials and modern design. The monochrome colorway means this kitchen floor could go with any color scheme too. Geometric patterns are contemporary and stylish, and you can also choose kitchen accents and accessories that match the pattern of the kitchen floor. If you will be updating your kitchen in the future, this floor suits a variety of different kitchens too, from the ultra modern to the traditional. Another great thing about white kitchen floor tiles is that they are easy to look after and you don’t have to worry about damaging them either.

An eclectic patterned kitchen floor

This kitchen floor trend has been gaining prominence, inspired by beautiful, luxurious spaces in Morrocco and Italy. If you are willing to introduce a bit of color into your white kitchen flooring options, then consider patterned tiles with touches of blue or gold. If you are looking for a really bold choice, you could also use several different patterned tiles for a bohemian, eclectic look. Patterned tiles like the curved black and white Trebol tile and the traditional Bouznika patterned tile are also great white kitchen flooring options. To perfect the bohemian, eclectic look, make sure your kitchen has lots of house plants too. You can also introduce handmade touches like hand-painted crockery.

White herringbone floor

A herringbone wooden floor is a gorgeous, timeless choice for your kitchen floor. Herringbone wooden floors are luxurious, versatile and appealing. With a unique and distinctive pattern, this type of floor really works with a white colorway too. Look for a white herringbone wooden floor in a pale colorway or white stain. With different styles, finishes, and sizes, you can create the exact floor you are looking for.

No matter what white kitchen floor design choose, quality is essential for a kitchen floor. This is one of the busiest rooms in the house so make sure you choose a floor that is durable. White kitchen floors are a stunning bold design choice. Whether you are looking for a traditional white oak floor or a bohemian mosaic white kitchen floor, Rhodium Floors has exquisite white kitchen floor options that will work for you.

Flooring installation in Los Angeles: How to choose the best provider

The most expensive quote for flooring installation in Los Angeles is not necessarily the best one. It’s easy to imagine that choosing the highest quote is the best way to be sure of a durable, beautiful and high-quality result.

Alternatively, in times of austerity, you could be forgiven for opting for cheap floor installation in Los Angeles. After all, this will get the job finished with minimum cash outlay.

So how do you choose the right contractor, at the right price?

Here are some of the questions and considerations to use in choosing a flooring installer.

Basic credentials for flooring installation in Los Angeles

In a showroom, or during a site visit from a contractor, don’t get carried away with aesthetics. Of course, a beautiful, flawless floor is what this is all about. However, you need to check your LA flooring installation company has the right credentials.

Ask them about their experience to date, and for testimonials or references from previous clients. There are review sites online (such as Houzz and Google) to use. Look for any “black marks” on their name, as well as any positive reports.

Credible LA flooring suppliers and installers would be proud to talk to you about previous satisfied customers and their strong supplier relationships.

It would be normal and natural for them to have run up against a few problems if they’ve been in the floor installation business for some years. Look at how they dealt with issues and any less favorable feedback.

Make sure they can prove they are fully licensed and insured too, and that their individual installers have up to date training and product awareness. If they’ve invested in all of this, it’s a sign of trustworthiness.

Wood Flooring Reviews & Credentials - Have You Checked?

Flooring Installation in Los Angeles – reviews & credentials – have you checked?

Customer service means listening too!

Flooring showrooms in the LA area are plentiful, and offer abundant sales people ready to “talk the talk”.

When choosing a provider of LA floor installation services, and flooring materials, it’s crucial to find someone who can listen too.

Every home (and every homeowner) is different. You need someone to take on board your ideas and preferences. Someone who takes the time to understand your creative vision.

If you are unsure what you want, find a supplier who patiently guides you towards workable solutions. These should be flooring types and installation projects that genuinely do match your lifestyle, property, and budget. Not simply installation plans based on the products or services they currently have on special offer!

Take a look down their supply chain

When starting to plan flooring installation in Los Angeles homes and businesses, look around for companies who can speak to you with confidence about their product antecedence. It’s no good if they chat to you for hours about the merits of different materials, but dodge queries connected to their supply chain.

A good floor supply and installation company sources all products from carefully selected partners. This includes hardwood flooring from forests and manufacturers operating along sustainable and energy efficient lines. Every nail and adhesive should be chosen with insight into ethical, high-quality production methods.

This helps you to stamp your environmental standpoint on the purchase. It’s also the only way to be sure that your fabulous looking floor doesn’t throw up problems at a later date. You don’t want to find that poor-quality flooring materials, or shoddy fixing and sticking products, devalue your investment.

Homegrown is not always best

On a similar note, it would be great to always buy US cultivated and manufactured products, but that’s not always feasible or advisable.

Potential providers of flooring installation Los Angeles wide and beyond shouldn’t necessarily specify and stock products only sourced in North America. If you want durable, quality and well-priced flooring materials, then consider options imported from places like Italy, Spain, Britain and the Netherlands.

A flooring expert that has gone that far in sourcing their product range, is likely to be one willing to go the “extra mile” for your home or workplace floors.

Clarity on costings with no hidden extras

Among the other questions you should ask flooring installation providers in LA is how they get to their quotes.

Accepting a quote that’s not transparent and detailed leaves you open to hidden extras and “unexpected” issues bringing additional charges.

Your quote should include pre-prepared and properly finished flooring materials. It should also include all labor and materials to install and finish your floor. You may also want to also pay for old flooring to be removed.

The flooring products you selected and the location of the project impact on the cost. It will often be quoted on a “per square foot” basis. So, make sure they have a good understanding of where the floor is going and the exact dimensions of the space it will cover.

Ask a potential Los Angeles flooring installer to talk you about what – if anything – could affect the finished cost when work gets started.

Clear timescale, that sits around you

It can be frustrating, with any home improvement project, when the process of finishing it off drags on too long. If you have shopped around and done research on the best ideas for flooring in LA, you’ll want to get the installation completed. You don’t want to place your order then be waiting months! Or, to find the actual work is done sporadically over many days.

Make sure any supplier and installer you use provide a definite and reliable timetable for starting and finishing the project.

If you have job and family commitments, the best LA flooring installers will be ready to plan around that. They should be willing to come to your property as quickly as possible, and on a day that suits you.

They should also be able to complete the flooring project with the minimum of disruption, leaving no mess behind! Ask your potential contractor how they contain mess such as dust, particularly if there is sanding involved. Also, get clarity on how they clean up during and after their work.

We’re hoping by now that you understand flooring installation Los Angeles wide is best left to the professional team at Rhodium Floors. You could even say that we don’t just lay floors; we also lay concerns to rest!

Should I get a Chevron Wood Floor? Is it worth it?

Installing a chevron wood floor is a growing trend, and it is not difficult to see why. It takes all the many benefits of hardwood flooring and “packages them up” with neat designs and fabulous effects.

What exactly is a “chevron wood floor”?

Some people think of hardwood flooring in homes and workplaces as long, lean lines of flawless wooden planks. Clearly, the individual grain of the wood then adds character and visual interest. You can use different types of wood for flooring materials. Plus, the color shade can be varied from almost white and pale honey to chocolate brown. On top of that, you can choose a deep shine or a matte finish for your quality hardwood floor.

That’s all great. However, these days you have even more ways to personalize your hardwood floor and make it truly unique to your property.

One of the best ways to make a statement and match your interior design is to commission the creation of a chevron wood floor.

This involves wood cut into small “tiles” rather than long planks. The tiles are then slotted together to make a distinctive and flowing “v” pattern. How that is laid is a matter of personal choice. For example, the lines of v-shapes could run parallel with the walls, or diagonally across the space.

The color, spacing, and finish of this chevron design can also vary widely according to your preferences. It is generally geometrically perfect; creating a flowing and impressive effect on your floor.

Taking your floor in a bold direction

Perhaps one of the reasons they look so spectacular as a flooring pattern is that chevrons are often associated with strong directions or noble enterprises. Think road signs or military epaulets!

The effect draws the eye and creates interest. It can also make compact rooms appear more spacious. Get the chevrons pointing towards your largest window or an impressive piece of artwork, for example, to highlight your favorite feature in the room.

Chevrons are a timeless design formation that dates back centuries. They have featured on coats of arms. They can even be traced as far back as ancient cave drawings!

Pleasing to the eye and versatile

Modern hardwood flooring manufacturers have brought the chevron right up to date. The beautiful options sold by Rhodium Floors includes a wide range of contemporary designs, as well as distressed effect floors.

Chevron designs are incredibly versatile. They lend themselves to most properties, and rooms used for a multitude of purposes. For example, you could employ the soothing warmth of Vecchio Casale Tobacco Chevron Wood Floor to look clean and pretty in houses by the beach, or in rooms leading to pools or patios.

Alternatively, you could opt for something more unusual and “quirky” such as Vecchio Casale Smoked Chevron Wood Floor to make a statement in a business premises or hallway.

Are chevron wood floors hard to maintain?

It would be easy to imagine that the more elaborate the wood floor pattern, the greater the maintenance burden. This is not the case. Whether you have a simple, straight hardwood floor in a light or dark shade or a striking chevron design, the same rules apply.

Firstly, quality materials obtained from sustainable sources are imperative.

You also need to select a type of hardwood that’s the best fit for your lifestyle and the room’s use. For example, oak if you need a really tough surface.

Secondly, the way the wood is harvested, cut and prepared are all important. A reliable flooring showroom would be able to talk you through the antecedence of products. Rhodium Floors would be proud to discuss how our flooring materials are crafted using modern machinery and long-standing expertise.

This is particularly important for a chevron wood floor. Those individual pieces of wood need to slot together perfectly and smoothly, to create a flawlessly perfect finish for your floor.

This comes to the next “must have”. You need to be sure your quality hardwood flooring is laid and sealed professionally. Even with the most elaborate and intricate chevron wood floor, you should be able to walk across it barefoot and enjoy a seamless and even “warm” effect.

Using quality materials and good wood floor installation sets you up for very easy cleaning and maintenance.


The chevron wood floor will be easy to gently sweep, to remove sand, grit and other debris. Using specialist cleaning products and a microfibre cloth or mop, you can regularly restore the floor to its lustrous shine.

Incidentally, chevron wood floors – just as any other hardwood floors – should not be allowed to stay wet. Remove standing moisture swiftly and never clean up with splashes of water.

This all helps to maintain the integrity of your chevron wood floor, for many years to come.

Restoring a chevron wood floor

Another reason chevron wood floors are a good investment is that restoration work is still feasible and cost-effective. Of course, unlike some matte hardwood floor designs, localized “touch-ups” are more of a challenge. Though that visually interesting design can successfully hide small scratches, scuffs, and other flaws!

When it is time to restore your hardwood floor, the chevron pattern doesn’t need to be an issue. A professional wood floor sanding and finishing company will not be phased at all. A light amount of the top surface could be lifted off before the floor is given an appropriate new layer of protection or color.

Beneath the restoration work, your chevron design will still look amazing.

Let’s be honest. Replacing fabric based flooring materials could be a lot more hassle and a great deal more frequent than the occasional refinishing of your chevron wood floor.

This perhaps helps to answer the question of whether a chevron wood floor is a good investment. You get all the interest and aesthetic appeal of a smart carpet, but also all the durability and resilience of a hardwood floor. A true win-win.

To learn more about the design options for a chevron wood floor and discuss the merits in relation to your individual home or workplace, call us at Rhodium Floors. It’s the best direction to take!

Should I get a Chevron Wood Floor? Is it worth it?

Should I get a Chevron Wood Floor? Is it worth it?

White Oak Grain

White Oak Grain

When considering red oak vs white oak flooring, it would be easy to imagine they are much the same. Except, perhaps for a slight difference in the lumber colouring.

In fact, the differences are significant. These difference can affect the cost of your hardwood floor, and how well the finished result copes. This includes such things as heavy foot traffic and moisture. Also, they impact the level of pattern work you can incorporate into your floor.

So, what are the relative merits of red oak vs white oak flooring?

Can you tell them apart visually?

The easy answer would be that you can indeed tell the difference between the two by the colour of the grain. On close inspection red oak does have a pinkish tone. Although, this can be a soft amber rather than a “red”. White oak tends to be almost grey or caramel in its most natural form.

However, the difference in colour can vary. This is according to where and how long the original trees were cultivated, and the specific species. There are a wide range of species of trees that come under the titles of “red oak” and “white oak”. Quercus alba is the usual white lumber used, and Quercus rubra is the red.

This colour variation provides the reason why they are named as they are. Although, it is only really visually significant when the wood is in its basic form. Once it has been prepared and finished for flooring use – including staining – this slight colour variation can actually be lost.

Grain effects in red oak vs white oak flooring

On first glance, the grain patterns in red and white oak can look similar. However, if you look closer you can see that the longer growth span endows white oak with straighter and tighter gains. Red oak would feature more swirls, zig zags or deviations in its grain.

Which looks best, white or red oak? That decision is all about personal preference. As always, it also comes down to the skill used in both harvesting and cutting the hardwood variants to take maximum advantage of the character within each section.

Grain in any wood is also a truly unique feature.

Perhaps the biggest difference between white and red oak comes not from what it looks like, but from how it grows.

Red Oak Grain

Red Oak Grain

Different growth rates, different properties

The most important difference between red oak and white oak is that their different timescales to reach maturity bring different practical features.

Red oak grows more swiftly and is therefore a popular type of hardwood to cultivate. This relatively quick growth creates a smooth and pliable material for cutting out hardwood flooring. The lower cultivation and production costs also makes the price lower.

White oak, on the other hand, grows over a longer period of time. This is the basic reason why wood density and workability varies between the two.

Red oak tends to be more readily available and pliable, so it offers a quick turnaround and cost-effective wooden flooring for patterns. White oak is less available and needs highly skilled preparation, but it provides a much tougher finished result.

Clearly, both types of oak are extremely hard. However, as white grows slower it is particularly strong and resilient. In fact, it is probably only beaten by maple in terms of inherent hardness.

Cutting machinery 

This makes it important that the supplier uses the right machinery to cut and finish white oak, as many standard saws would not get a clean enough line. With the wrong blade, white oak can splint and break. This means it needs to be prepared by a skilled professional.

This tends to make it too tricky and expensive to use for elaborately patterned wood floors, such as the chevron and herringbone flooring Rhodium often supplies using French oak as a basis.

However, for the custom-made flooring Rhodium crafts for its customers, white oak can be the perfect solution. The end result would be an incredibly resilient floor for areas of heavy foot traffic, for example. Yet it still has inherent beauty and style.

Clearly then, the biggest difference between red and white oak is their relative properties as building materials, especially for tough but beautiful flooring.

Which is best, red or white oak?

When considering red oak vs white oak flooring, which one is best depends on what you’re looking for from this valued construction material.

White oak has a higher resistance to rot, which is one of the reasons why it has been used for outdoor projects and boat building. If your floor is in a kitchen or another room with lots of moisture, having this level of resistance can be very reassuring. Though of course all quality hardwood flooring is sealed and laid to offer a reliable degree of moisture resistance.

Much of the appeal of white over red also comes down to strength. Due to its resilience and aesthetic appeal, white oak has been a much sought after building material for many years. This makes it an ideal choice for reclaimed wood flooring. In the right hands, white oak can be recut and refinished to create flawless antique flooring.

Clearly, white oak’s slower growth and specialist cutting requirements mean it tends to attract a higher price point than red oak, but its benefits can outweigh this consideration.

Which best suits your project?

The final decision when looking at red oak vs white oak flooring comes down to the location of your hardwood flooring, your lifestyle or business operations and how long you need the hardwood flooring to last. Price could also be a factor, as red oak is still fabulously hardwearing but comes in cheaper for most flooring projects.

Call us at Rhodium Floors, or request a call back, and we can chat about your individual needs in more detail. This way we can help you make the ultimate choice between red oak vs white oak flooring.

High-end wood flooring for luxury Los Angeles homes

High-end hardwood flooring for luxury Los Angeles homes

Los Angeles homes are famous around the world for their stunning interiors and luxurious design, with Los Angeles hardwood floors playing a vital role in the glamorous aesthetic. From open-plan modern mansions to rustic Californian retreats, high-end hardwood flooring can be seen everywhere in these incredible homes. A stunning hardwood floor provides the perfect backdrop for a unique and opulent home. This timeless choice remains popular too. If you are looking for high-end hardwood flooring, then the amazing homes of Los Angeles provide the perfect inspiration.

Hollywood inspiration

With the Hollywood Hills providing the ideal backdrop for some of the most glamorous homes in the world, Los Angeles hardwood floors are genuinely stunning. Home to celebrities and millionaires, as well as several incredible interior designers, Los Angeles is the perfect place to create your dream home. With relaxed, open-plan living, gorgeous weather and stunning design, you can create your own paradise. Also, this is some of the most sought-after real estate in the world. Therefore, it is essential that every aspect of your interior has the quality you would expect from a Los Angeles home which includes what type of floors you choose. In fact, for many people, Los Angeles hardwood floors are a real selling point if you are looking to add value to your property.

The appeal of high-end hardwood flooring

Whatever kind of Los Angeles home you are trying to create, hardwood flooring is a great design choice. Hardwood flooring is also a practical and classic choice, perfect for a warmer climate. Cheap laminate wood floors, ugly linoleum, and old tiles just won’t cut it when it. Los Angeles hardwood floors are the best option for your home, with natural appeal, durability and a high-end finish. You can use high-end hardwood flooring in several rooms around the house, especially those for relaxing and entertaining. If you are looking for cinema room flooring, yoga studio hardwood floors or wooden bedroom floors, you will be amazed at the choice available to you.

high-end LA home

Cohesive design in large homes

Open-plan living is a massive trend in deluxe interior design, and high-end wooden flooring is perfect for tying the whole property together. Often sprawling and on several levels, it is important that cohesive design runs through the property. This look can be hard to achieve. However, a stunning hardwood floor is one of the most popular ways to create this effect of continuity.

Hardwood floors for bigger spaces

As many of these homes are incredibly vast and spacious, flooring needs to be able to look good in a big space too. One of the most popular choices of high-end hardwood flooring is the Loire French Oak Wood Flooring. It’s rich, warm color and beautiful natural texture make it one of the most fashionable Los Angeles hardwood floors. Sourced from boutique manufacturers in Europe, if you want the highest quality, this oak wooden floor is perfect for you. Also, a hardwood floor is a versatile choice, which complements several design schemes.

High-end wood flooring for luxury Los Angeles homes

High-end wood flooring for luxury Los Angeles homes

Experts in Los Angeles hardwood floors

If you want to make your LA home truly unique, a stunning hardwood floor is a great design feature. One of the most established and admired retailers of Los Angeles hardwood floors is Rhodium Floors who have the most extensive collection of high-end hardwood flooring. A focus on elegant and sophisticated design means that there are so many options available for a beautiful floor. Rhodium Floors stock some of the most amazing European wooden floors from boutique manufacturers. They also have a vast selection of tiles, natural stones and slabs, and micro-cement options too. From volcanic tiles to French oak hardwood floors to antique Italian floors, their West Hollywood showroom is full of high-end hardwood flooring inspiration. With hundreds of different styles, colors and finishes, you too can find the perfect hardwood floor for your luxurious home.

Timeless and classic

In order to showcase your favorite furniture and belongings, a comfortable and classic design scheme is one of the best choices for luxurious Los Angeles homes. This timeless look is inspired by glamour but in a tasteful and relaxed way too. White, cream or beige walls and lots of natural materials bring a sense of sophistication and nature too. Choose wooden furniture and glossy accents to match. For the classic Hollywood look, a dark wood floor can also be a gorgeous design choice. A Quercia Turchese White Oak Wood Floor is a classic choice, in a rich, dark shade with a glossy finish. This floor also works well with stylish rugs, wooden doors, and modern spotlights.

Rustic Los Angeles interiors

Because of the open, rustic brick and stone exteriors of many Los Angeles homes, a classic hardwood floor complements this well. You can also use different types of wooden floor in your home if you want to split up space. Many wood floor designs look great together. You can make use of pattern with floors like the Chaumont Acciaio French Oak Wood Floor bringing classic design to your home. Inspired by the country houses of the past, a patterned wooden floor has superb quality and a charming effect too. These luxurious wooden floors are perfect for those who love to entertain. Your guests will also admire your incredible hardwood floor. With patterns from the past and quality materials, darker colored choices like the Chantilly Walnut hardwood floor are also perfect for social spaces.

For a rustic and homely look, another great choice of Los Angeles hardwood floors is reclaimed wooden flooring. Bursting with character, this flooring option is perfect for a vintage look too. Reclaimed floors are often found from old barns and buildings. Luxury hardwood floors like Arthur Reclaimed French Oak Wood Flooring can bring warmth and style to your home. With knots, grooves and texture, a reclaimed oak hardwood floor is a unique choice. It will also be the only one of its kind. No matter what type of hardwood floor you choose for your Los Angeles home, choose the highest quality option too.

Top trending wood flooring in Los Angeles

When considering installing wood flooring Los Angeles wide, or further afield in California, you may want to gather insights on what’s “in”, when it comes to hardwood flooring. Discovering the top trending flooring in Los Angeles can help shape more detailed research when you visit a flooring showroom.

Eco-friendly flooring that’s a solid investment

The home building industry is buoyant in LA, and many homeowners and businesses are considering updates and refurbishments. There is one common trend throughout. Everyone is conscious of the need to be environmentally aware, but also budget conscious too.

This combination is making hardwood flooring even more popular.

If it’s purchased from a flooring showroom with impeccable credentials, quality is assured from hardwood flooring. So is the fact that the wood is from sustainable sources.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the popularity of hardwood as a resilient and eco-friendly building material is growing. Thankfully, the forests used to cultivate this important lumber are also growing! Plenty of trees are being planted and allowed to reach maturity, to compensate for all those harvested to create construction materials.

One of the other reasons hardwood flooring is trending with eco-conscious homeowners is its unbeatable durability. Unlike some other floor coverings that need to be replaced regularly, hardwood flooring lasts for many decades.

This also means that investing in a quality wood floor in your LA property makes financial sense. It will stand the test of time.

Wood flooring Los Angeles style

Top trending wood flooring in Los Angeles

Top trending wood flooring in Los Angeles

If you are considering visiting a flooring showroom, let’s look at some of the other reasons that wood floors are currently trending even higher.

Hardwoods are the perfect material to create beautiful, long-term floors. This is why Los Angeles homeowners and property specifiers have been choosing them for many years. They withstand the local climate brilliantly.

Wood floor patterns also suit the open plan layout of many local properties.

Hardwood flooring is also low maintenance and can be kept hygienically clean with ease.

Better still, it can be personalized. This is LA, not planet “Conformatron”! Even groups of properties built in the same area – and from a shared plan – can still be highly individual, using different wood floor patterns.

This means owners or tenants can choose from hardwood floor types, designs, and even colors, to create a finished floor that matches their own interior design ideas.

Anything goes

This ability to vary hardwood flooring patterns has become really noticeable recently. LA homeowners are taking full advantage of new skills and machinery to cut hardwoods into a greater variety of shapes and sizes.

Some buyers still opt for the long, lean lines of wooden floor planks for their soothing symmetry. While others get really creative!

It is possible to have eye-catching fluid lines of chevron wood flooring. Or, you could commission a custom-made hardwood floor with the “tiles” of wood cut into a particular pattern or motif.

When it comes to wood floors, the sky’s the limit on creativity!

Fantastic finishes

The light quality in LA homes and business premises has generally inspired the use of paler colors for wood flooring. In line with the more experimental trend now emerging, this is not always the case anymore. In rooms that are spacious and incorporate lots of windows or openings, hardwood flooring could be chocolate brown if that suits the rest of your décor!

If you are opting for darker wood flooring Los Angeles or anywhere else in California, the trick is to choose quality materials. You need the finished result to have a luster and shine that reflects nature’s bounteous sunlight, lifting the finished result even for darker shades of wood.

However, another option is to commission a flawless and luxury result from matte hardwood flooring. This too is a popular choice when considering the best flooring material in Los Angeles. A matte wood floor tends to be easier to keep clean and maintain than one with a deep shine to its finish. This can be particularly significant if you live somewhere that could involve sand and grit regularly trodden in.

You should always sweep hardwood flooring regularly with a soft bristled brush, to avoid debris inflicting scratches and abrasions. Over time these could dull the finish and result in having to re-stain, or re-wax and generally restore the flooring. Keep the surface free of dirt and moisture, and it will last much longer.

Matte finished floors in LA give an extra level of durability, compared to those with a high shine. They are also easier to “touch up” if damage is localized. This avoids the need for a complete resurface of your hardwood flooring if you want to keep maintenance costs low for decades!

Unique effects to age floors

As already mentioned, personality counts when it comes to flooring in LA homes and workplaces.

One of the current trends – even in the newest properties – is to create statement flooring that’s “distressed” or vintage. This can mean using reclaimed timbers. Barn wood and beams from older buildings can be recut and expertly restored, to create antique wood flooring with masses of visual appeal.

There are also ways to use new materials and artificially distress them, to create a traditional hardwood floor that looks artisan and full of character.

Using reclaimed wood floors or distressed effects can really make your LA home or workplace unique.

Your lifestyle and tastes

Trends aside, the ultimate decision will come down to your own preferences.

You will be the one living or working with this new floor every day. So your personal tastes matter.

Such as, do you find chevron wood flooring visually appealing, or do you lean more towards a simplistic, artisan vibe?

Also, much depends on the location and your lifestyle or business operations. Just how tough does this hardwood flooring need to be? Is oak wood floor the only way to be sure of getting a flawless finish that lasts, in the face of heavy foot traffic? Will it need to be particularly moisture resistant, such as flooring for rooms that lead outside to pool areas or water features? Or perhaps this hardwood floor is going into a kitchen, with the potential for spills and splashes.

Having given some thought to practical factors and personal preferences, what best suits the specific architecture of your LA home or workplace?

Call us at Rhodium Floors for a chat, or request a call back. We can look more closely at your needs and preferences, for the best LA flooring.

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