Custom Made Moulding


It is installers/homeowners’ responsibility to inspect and approve the received moldings BEFORE installation. Once the materials are installed, they are considered ACCEPTED.

Although our moldings are designed and produced to best match the actual floors, there may s color shade, grain, and distressing. For some natural color wood specie, the color and grain variation may be more notable and extensive. This is normal for natural wood flooring, and shall not be considered as defective.

Installation Tip for Stairnosings:

Due to possible natural variation in color, shading, grain, etc., between the stair noses and the flooring, it is mportant that the floor planks should be installed along side and adjacent to the stair noses, which were pre- selected to best match and blend with the flooring color and grain pattern. Such pre-selection and arrangement of stair nosing and wood
flooring is more likely to produce the best and eye-pleasing result.

If blue tapes (Scotch 3Ma2090 or #2080ELI) are used for installation, please REMOVE them within 3 hours. (Not warranted against peeling caused by adhesive on moldings).

  1. It is recommended to test the product before use. Regarding blue tape, there are many types and manufacturers, some manufacturers make multiple blue tapes. Check with both the floor and tape manufacturer which tape to use and always check it on the usual inconspicuous spot. 3M only recommends the orange core #2080EL on finished floors, either site or pre-finish. You can always use see 3M blue tape #2090** at your own risk (**see product information sheet — Warnings: Do not use on wood floor finishes). If it works great, we agree with not taping to the floor and transition molding when you can. Use the base or shoe as any damage to the paint is easier to fix than the floor.
  2. The Brushed Oak and Hickory are wire brushed texture. This happened in easier removal of what looked like soft wood grains after having taped for.
  3. When using releasable blue painters, tape must never be left on the flooring planks and transition molding for more than a few hours. Additionally, this type of tape is affected by heat and sunlight and will lose its “releasable” property. Always use “fresh“ tape when securing wood planks and transition moldings.

Wipe away glue spots with on Mineral Spirits or Mapei, Bostiks DriTac adhesive remover are recommended. Do not use paint or lacquer thinner to wipe away any glue and dirt on any refinished trim Do not use paint molding).

Warrants to the original purchaser that our trim molding, stair nose will be free of defects in pre-finished materials and workmanship; however the products are not warranted against excessive foce, heavy foot traffic, accidental breakage and peeling caused by adhesive tape on molding (such as masking blue, green and orange tape). Warrants that it’s custom, hand-applied finish will not chip, peel or wear through to the wood, under conditions of normal residential use, for the period of one (1) full year following date from the invoice(s).

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