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What is the best floor for pets?

Published on 07/20/2017, by saul

Today’s I would like to discuss a question we get asked a lot in the showroom. What is the best floor for pets?

While it may seem obvious that you just want a surface that your canines won’t scratch, or ruin, the true dilemma goes deeper than that.

In general large dogs don’t tend to have very sharp nails because they naturally get filed while being walked or running on hard surfaces outside. They would therefore not cause that much damage at all in the way of deep scratching etc. Its cats and smaller dogs which tend to scratch more and therefore a soft wood may not be so appropriate.

Even taking this into consideration, you’ll want to make sure that the floor is easy to clean for any messes that your dogs may make, and of course, you’ll want your dog to feel comfortable while walking— or sprinting— across the floor.

Watch our video for some options to consider…

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