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Top trending wood flooring in Los Angeles

by Roy Akirov
March, 2019

Top trending wood flooring in Los Angeles

When considering installing wood flooring Los Angeles wide, or further afield in California, you may want to gather insights on what’s “in”, when it comes to hardwood flooring. Discovering the top trending flooring in Los Angeles can help shape more detailed research when you visit a flooring showroom.

Eco-friendly flooring that’s a solid investment

The home building industry is buoyant in LA, and many homeowners and businesses are considering updates and refurbishments. There is one common trend throughout. Everyone is conscious of the need to be environmentally aware, but also budget conscious too.

This combination is making hardwood flooring even more popular.

If it’s purchased from a flooring showroom with impeccable credentials, quality is assured from hardwood flooring. So is the fact that the wood is from sustainable sources.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the popularity of hardwood as a resilient and eco-friendly building material is growing. Thankfully, the forests used to cultivate this important lumber are also growing! Plenty of trees are being planted and allowed to reach maturity, to compensate for all those harvested to create construction materials.

One of the other reasons hardwood flooring is trending with eco-conscious homeowners is its unbeatable durability. Unlike some other floor coverings that need to be replaced regularly, hardwood flooring lasts for many decades.

This also means that investing in a quality wood floor in your LA property makes financial sense. It will stand the test of time.

Wood flooring Los Angeles style

Top trending wood flooring in Los Angeles

Top trending wood flooring in Los Angeles

If you are considering visiting a flooring showroom, let’s look at some of the other reasons that wood floors are currently trending even higher.

Hardwoods are the perfect material to create beautiful, long-term floors. This is why Los Angeles homeowners and property specifiers have been choosing them for many years. They withstand the local climate brilliantly.

Wood floor patterns also suit the open plan layout of many local properties.

Hardwood flooring is also low maintenance and can be kept hygienically clean with ease.

Better still, it can be personalized. This is LA, not planet “Conformatron”! Even groups of properties built in the same area – and from a shared plan – can still be highly individual, using different wood floor patterns.

This means owners or tenants can choose from hardwood floor types, designs, and even colors, to create a finished floor that matches their own interior design ideas.

Anything goes

This ability to vary hardwood flooring patterns has become really noticeable recently. LA homeowners are taking full advantage of new skills and machinery to cut hardwoods into a greater variety of shapes and sizes.

Some buyers still opt for the long, lean lines of wooden floor planks for their soothing symmetry. While others get really creative!

It is possible to have eye-catching fluid lines of chevron wood flooring. Or, you could commission a custom-made hardwood floor with the “tiles” of wood cut into a particular pattern or motif.

When it comes to wood floors, the sky’s the limit on creativity!

Fantastic finishes

The light quality in LA homes and business premises has generally inspired the use of paler colors for wood flooring. In line with the more experimental trend now emerging, this is not always the case anymore. In rooms that are spacious and incorporate lots of windows or openings, hardwood flooring could be chocolate brown if that suits the rest of your décor!

If you are opting for darker wood flooring Los Angeles or anywhere else in California, the trick is to choose quality materials. You need the finished result to have a luster and shine that reflects nature’s bounteous sunlight, lifting the finished result even for darker shades of wood.

However, another option is to commission a flawless and luxury result from matte hardwood flooring. This too is a popular choice when considering the best flooring material in Los Angeles. A matte wood floor tends to be easier to keep clean and maintain than one with a deep shine to its finish. This can be particularly significant if you live somewhere that could involve sand and grit regularly trodden in.

You should always sweep hardwood flooring regularly with a soft bristled brush, to avoid debris inflicting scratches and abrasions. Over time these could dull the finish and result in having to re-stain, or re-wax and generally restore the flooring. Keep the surface free of dirt and moisture, and it will last much longer.

Matte finished floors in LA give an extra level of durability, compared to those with a high shine. They are also easier to “touch up” if damage is localized. This avoids the need for a complete resurface of your hardwood flooring if you want to keep maintenance costs low for decades!

Unique effects to age floors

As already mentioned, personality counts when it comes to flooring in LA homes and workplaces.

One of the current trends – even in the newest properties – is to create statement flooring that’s “distressed” or vintage. This can mean using reclaimed timbers. Barn wood and beams from older buildings can be recut and expertly restored, to create antique wood flooring with masses of visual appeal.

There are also ways to use new materials and artificially distress them, to create a traditional hardwood floor that looks artisan and full of character.

Using reclaimed wood floors or distressed effects can really make your LA home or workplace unique.

Your lifestyle and tastes

Trends aside, the ultimate decision will come down to your own preferences.

You will be the one living or working with this new floor every day. So your personal tastes matter.

Such as, do you find chevron wood flooring visually appealing, or do you lean more towards a simplistic, artisan vibe?

Also, much depends on the location and your lifestyle or business operations. Just how tough does this hardwood flooring need to be? Is oak wood floor the only way to be sure of getting a flawless finish that lasts, in the face of heavy foot traffic? Will it need to be particularly moisture resistant, such as flooring for rooms that lead outside to pool areas or water features? Or perhaps this hardwood floor is going into a kitchen, with the potential for spills and splashes.

Having given some thought to practical factors and personal preferences, what best suits the specific architecture of your LA home or workplace?

Call us at Rhodium Floors for a chat, or request a call back. We can look more closely at your needs and preferences, for the best LA flooring. To explore our extensive collection of flooring materials, feel free to visit our Los Angeles Flooring Showroom.

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