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Tips for refurbishing your kitchen: Countertop Options

by Roy Akirov
March, 2020

It can be hard to know where to start when you are refurbishing your kitchen countertops. Such a large job takes planning to know which parts to focus on. Our experts take a look at a refurbishment you can do which is high impact and low-cost: switching up your kitchen countertops!

Before you start: take stock

It is important to start the planning stage early with this job. One reason for this is the myriad options available to you for either replacing or reworking your kitchen countertop. It is important that you leave enough time to do plenty of research, explore all your options and chat with some experts about what durable countertop materials and design will best suit your kitchen. It is also essential to think about what you use your kitchen for! Do you cook or bake? Do you eat around the table or on the go? Making sure you know what you want to use your kitchen top for most will help you choose a style perfect for your busy life. Our pro-tip: Before you start, give yourself plenty to time to window-shop!

So whether you are looking at kitchen counter stone options or different types of kitchen surfaces, let’s explore the advice from interior designers with years of experience in the industry:

One: Don’t forget your property prices!

It might be the thing furthest from your mind when you are building a new kitchen, but a design-change as big as this can easily have an impact on the resale value of your house or apartment. Research shows that of all the rooms in the house, the décor of the kitchen can make or break a sales pitch. Although it is wise to also consider other things, whether potential buyers will be put off by your choice of kitchen countertop is a good place to start. Our interior design experts point out that buyers take into consideration two main points when looking at the kitchen of a potential house. Firstly, whether the material and design are functional. Second, whether they think the material is stylish. This means that start out by looking at timeless materials for your new countertop. Our big tip: Timeless materials like marble or stone, age well, always look elegant and are easy to keep clean. If you want something understated and calming, take a look at neutral and graceful Sequoia Marble or Arabescato Oribico Grigo for something that is hard-wearing as well as vividly patterned. Forewarned is forearmed, so the best tip for approaching this stage of your decision-making is to research the level of maintenance that your preferred material will require.

Lastly: stick to your kitchen countertop budget

It can be hard to keep to your initial budget when looking at countertop options for kitchen areas. One trick is to make sure that you plan ahead. Our experts state that those customers who stick to their budget when buying kitchen countertops are also the ones who have looked at prices, done their research, and planned for the costs involved. It is important though, that you consider how important the kitchen countertop is in your kitchen! The countertop is the part of your kitchen which gets used most often and needs to be hardwearing. It is therefore worth investing in a material that will stand the test of time. Both marble and stone are good inexpensive options for kitchen countertops. This is because, although the initial outlay may be slightly more, they pay for themselves very quickly over the coming years!

Our conclusion: Choosing either the best marble or the best stone for kitchen countertops is a really important step in your kitchen design, so spend some time thinking about it. All types of kitchen surfaces have their benefits, so take a look around our material options before you decide!

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