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The Engineered Wood Flooring Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2026

by Roy Akirov
November, 2019

Anyone interested in the Engineered Wood Flooring Market will be fascinated by the new global report, released in October 2019.

Scope of the report: Engineered Wood Flooring Market

This comprehensive report covers the forecasted market dynamics for the following market segments: North America, Europe, China and Japan. This shows the sheer scope of the market size. One of the key points is how much the financial worth of the global market is expected to increase by the end of 2025, showing the ever-rising demand for sustainable materials.

The report breaks the value and volume of the market down by regional level and company level, as well as giving a global overview. At the company level there’s an exploration of market share and growth, production capacity, revenue and more.

What types of flooring are covered in the report?

Although the report talks broadly about engineered wood flooring, there are two main segments covered:

Both types of flooring involve creating a piece of wood flooring using various layers of wood, in order to make the flooring more flexible and versatile than solid wood.

Three-layered engineered wood flooring has, as the name suggests, three layers: a base layer, a profiling layer and a top layer which is the part homeowners see and walk on. The top layer is the hardest wood and stained or treated to look aesthetically pleasing.

Multilayer engineered wood flooring follows the same principle but may contain up to 12 layers in order to make an engineered floor that is incredibly strong and hard-wearing, as well as flexible and more weather resistant.

The report also breaks the analysis down into the commercial and residential segments, meaning it explores wood floors for businesses as well as private homeowners. There’s even an insight into the future applications of engineered wood flooring. Which type of customers will continue to buy this type of flooring in the future? What new market segments will engineered wood flooring become popular in? That’s the type of insight readers can expect from this in-depth report.

market analysis team

Who is in the report?

The major players in the report are

There are many other companies and competitors in the report, and this helps give key business insights into the current issues and challenges as well as the opportunities and advantages facing anyone in the engineered wood flooring business. The spotlight on the vendor landscape helps provide analysis of the competition and expected future changes. The value chain analysis section of the report is useful for anyone looking to strengthen their own position in the market.


Although wood flooring is a natural product, the use of modern technology and techniques is the way to ensure any business stays ahead of the competition. This report explores Technological Intelligence, offering sensible and feasible technology roadmaps for mapping out a better business plan for the future. Businesses can use these insights to choose the right technology options for them and their products, and to ensure they are reaching the right customers and future-proofing their business.

This report covers every conceivable aspect of the engineered wood floor market, and is indispensable reading for anyone wanting to get ahead of the competition or gain a better understanding of this competitive business.

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