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The Battle: Walnut Flooring vs Oak Flooring

by Roy Akirov
December, 2018

The Battle: Walnut Flooring vs. Oak Flooring

A hardwood floor is a beautiful, quality choice that will last for years; whether you choose walnut flooring vs oak flooring is a personal choice. Each type of wooden floor has different strengths and benefits, so we will take a look at which flooring option is best for you and your needs. A stunning hardwood floor is an excellent investment in your home, and it is essential you choose the right one. Walnut and oak are two of the most popular choices for a real hardwood floor, but there are many factors in the walnut flooring vs oak flooring debate. We’ll take a look at what the differences are so you can choose your perfect floor.

Walnut flooring vs oak flooring: the look

Oak aesthetics

Oak is the most commonly found choice for a wooden floor, with a vibrant golden colour and warm tone that can make a home feel welcoming and cosy. The hardwood oak generally comes in white and red varieties, but it can also be finished in many different looks, from rustic and aged to shiny and glossy. A classic American oak wooden floor like the White American Oak Plainsawn Floor has a bright and modern look. But a darker more vintage oak floor like the Rovere Old Acciaio White Oak has a much more rustic appeal.

Red oak has beautiful natural swirls and knots, while white oak is lighter and more uniform. Oak can blend in well with other pieces of oak furniture you might already have in your home, and it has a stunning natural appeal. Oak has a tighter grain than walnut, which can make it more appealing to some people. An oak floor can also be more versatile, and you can choose a wide variety of finishes to suit your room. High-quality real oak floors are great for cosy, family homes and have a stunning timeless appeal.

Walnut aesthetics

Walnut comes in a richer, deeper shade of brown that is great for a classic look. A walnut floor tends to have more variation from plank to plank, so if you are looking for a natural, unusual floor then walnut is a great choice. If you are looking for a unique wooden floor that has a stunning high-end look, then walnut is perfect. Due to walnut’s darker colour, it may be a bit too much for a small space, however, in large rooms, it has a stunning, rich appeal.

A walnut floor is also incredibly difficult to replicate, and artificial versions are nowhere near as effective, so if you want this traditional hardwood floor, real walnut is the best choice. A classic American walnut floor has a beautiful natural appeal, with blonde streaks, a rich chocolate brown colour and a warm, luxurious feel. For grand, large spaces, a walnut floor has incredible aesthetic value.

Walnut flooring vs oak flooring: durability

Hardwood floors are naturally hardwearing and perfect for creating a beautiful and durable floor. The durability of a wooden floor depends on what type of wood it is and how it is finished. The Janka hardness test looks at how resistant a kind of wood is to denting and wear. White oak has an average Janka hardness rating of 1360, and red oak is 1290. On the same scale, walnut has a Janka score of around 1000. Walnut floors usually are softer than oak, as they have a wider grain. However, there are variations in different types of oak and walnut, so it is worth looking at the hardness of the specific variety you are considering.

Walnut flooring vs oak flooring: maintenance and upkeep

An oak floor is relatively easy to maintain, but like with any real wood floor, if you put in a little extra effort, it can last far longer and look much better. You can choose an oak floor which has a finish which will protect it from wear and tear, too. Regularly cleaning your oak floor will help to keep it in excellent condition, and a quick brush over will get rid of dust and dirt which could potentially cause scratches. When cleaning your oak floor, it is important that you don’t use anything that could damage it. You can even purchase natural soaps which are designed for oak floors.

When comparing the upkeep of walnut and oak floors, there is not a massive amount of difference between the two. As walnut is softer than oak, it is worth being a bit more careful. If you really want to protect your walnut floor, you can use rugs to cover high wear areas, and it is always worth avoiding things which can cause unnecessary damage, like wearing stilettos on a hardwood floor.

Cleaning Walnut Flooring vs. Oak Flooring

Walnut flooring vs oak flooring: the price

Oak is one of the most popular choices for a wooden floor and is more readily available. An oak floor is generally cheaper than a walnut floor because walnut is far rarer. Oak is a more traditional material that is grown in the US, so this can also make it cheaper. Walnut is more expensive than oak flooring because of its rarity and the difficulty of sourcing it. Both walnut and oak wooden floors last for decades, so though they may be more expensive than laminate or engineered wood floors, they won’t have to be replaced as often.

The battle: walnut flooring vs oak flooring.

When comparing oak and walnut hardwood floors, there is no all-out winner. It completely depends on what you are looking for. For one person a walnut floor will be perfect, and for another person’s home oak will be the obvious choice.

Conclusion: The main differences.

If you are looking for an affordable and versatile wooden floor that will be durable and strong, then oak flooring would be your best option. It is cheaper than walnut flooring. Oak flooring is excellent for a busy hallway, a family kitchen or a playroom.

However, if you are looking for a stunning, high-end floor that has the wow factor and may pay a little more, then walnut flooring is a better bet. For a grand dining room, a music room or a large bedroom, walnut flooring is the best choice.

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