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Should I get a Chevron Wood Floor? Is it worth it?

by Roy Akirov
April, 2019

Should I get a Chevron Wood Floor? Is it worth it?

Installing a chevron wood floor is a growing trend, and it is not difficult to see why. It takes all the many benefits of hardwood flooring and “packages them up” with neat designs and fabulous effects.

What exactly is a “chevron wood floor”?

Some people think of hardwood flooring in homes and workplaces as long, lean lines of flawless wooden planks. Clearly, the individual grain of the wood then adds character and visual interest. You can use different types of wood for flooring materials. Plus, the color shade can be varied from almost white and pale honey to chocolate brown. On top of that, you can choose a deep shine or a matte finish for your quality hardwood floor.

That’s all great. However, these days you have even more ways to personalize your hardwood floor and make it truly unique to your property.

One of the best ways to make a statement and match your interior design is to commission the creation of a chevron wood floor.

This involves wood cut into small “tiles” rather than long planks. The tiles are then slotted together to make a distinctive and flowing “v” pattern. How that is laid is a matter of personal choice. For example, the lines of v-shapes could run parallel with the walls, or diagonally across the space.

The color, spacing, and finish of this chevron design can also vary widely according to your preferences. It is generally geometrically perfect; creating a flowing and impressive effect on your floor.

Taking your floor in a bold direction

Perhaps one of the reasons they look so sp as a flooring pattern is that chevrons are often associated with strong directions or noble enterprises. Think road signs or military epaulettes!

The effect draws the eye and creates interest. It can also make compact rooms appear more spacious. Get the chevrons pointing towards your largest window or an impressive piece of artwork, for example, to highlight your favorite feature in the room.

Chevrons are a timeless design formation that dates back centuries. They have featured on coats of arms. They can even be traced as far back as ancient cave drawings!

Pleasing to the eye and versatile

Modern hardwood flooring manufacturers have brought the chevron right up to date. The beautiful options sold by Rhodium Floors includes a wide range of contemporary designs, as well as distressed effect floors.

Chevron designs are incredibly versatile. They lend themselves to most properties and rooms used for a multitude of purposes. For example, you could employ the soothing warmth of Vecchio Casale Tobacco Chevron Wood Floor to look clean and pretty in houses by the beach or in rooms leading to pools or patios.

Alternatively, you could opt for something more unusual and “quirky” such as Vecchio Casale Smoked Chevron Wood Floor to make a statement in a business premise or hallway.

Are chevron wood floors hard to maintain?

It would be easy to imagine that the more elaborate the wood floor pattern, the greater the maintenance burden. This is not the case. Whether you have a simple, straight hardwood floor in a light or dark shade or a striking chevron design, the same rules apply.

Firstly, quality materials obtained from sustainable sources are imperative.

You also need to select a type of hardwood that’s the best fit for your lifestyle and the room’s use. For example, oak if you need a really tough surface.

Secondly, the way the wood is harvested, cut and prepared is all important. A reliable flooring showroom would be able to talk you through the antecedence of products. Rhodium Floors would be proud to discuss how our flooring materials are crafted using modern machinery and long-standing expertise.

This is particularly important for a chevron wood floor. Those individual pieces of wood need to slot together perfectly and smoothly, to create a flawlessly perfect finish for your floor.

This comes to the next “must have”. You need to be sure your quality hardwood flooring is laid and sealed professionally. Even with the most elaborate and intricate chevron wood floor, you should be able to walk across it barefoot and enjoy a seamless and even “warm” effect.

Using quality materials and good wood floor installation sets you up for very easy cleaning and maintenance.


The chevron wood floor will be easy to gently sweep, to remove sand, grit and other debris. Using specialist cleaning products and a microfibre cloth or mop, you can regularly restore the floor to its lustrous shine.

Incidentally, chevron wood floors – just as any other hardwood floors – should not be allowed to stay wet. Remove standing moisture swiftly and never clean up with splashes of water.

This all helps to maintain the integrity of your chevron wood floor, for many years to come.

Restoring a chevron wood floor

Another reason chevron wood floors are a good investment is that restoration work is still feasible and cost-effective. Of course, unlike some matte hardwood floor designs, localized “touch-ups” are more of a challenge. Though that visually interesting design can successfully hide small scratches, scuffs, and other flaws!

When it is time to restore your hardwood floor, the chevron pattern doesn’t need to be an issue. A professional wood floor sanding and finishing company will not be phased at all. A light amount of the top surface could be lifted off before the floor is given an appropriate new layer of protection or color.

Beneath the restoration work, your chevron design will still look amazing.

Let’s be honest. Replacing fabric based flooring materials could be a lot more hassle and a great deal more frequent than the occasional refinishing of your chevron wood floor.

This perhaps helps to answer the question of whether a chevron wood floor is a good investment. You get all the interest and aesthetic appeal of a smart carpet, but also all the durability and resilience of a hardwood floor. A true win-win.

To learn more about the design options for a chevron wood floor and discuss the merits in relation to your individual home or workplace, call us at Rhodium Floors. It’s the best direction to take!

Should I get a Chevron Wood Floor? Is it worth it?

Should I get a Chevron Wood Floor? Is it worth it?

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