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Is White & Grey Wood Flooring a Good Option for your House? (Updated 2018)

by Roy Akirov
September, 2015

Rhodium Floors offers some of the very best grey and white floors on the market. Our team have been monitering trends over recent years, and we know how much demand there is for these types of styles of flooring. People are moving away from more traditional wood flooring. Although some natural tones remain very popular, there has been an increase in the number of our customers moving towards light or dark wood for their homes.

We want to acknowledge this growing trend and make sure there are options for our customers who favour grey and white floors. However, we also want to make sure that the trend is perfect for your home. Here is a list of benefits that make grey and white flooring such an excellent choice for you.

Is White & Grey Wood Flooring a Good Option for your House?

Does your house have darker rooms that need illuminating?

One of the significant perks of grey and white flooring is that they illuminate a room. If you have a room in your home that is lacking in light, a darker toned floor can make it even more gloomy, as deep colours tend to eat up light.

On the other hand, light and airy colours can make the room appear brighter. Try brightening up a dingy room by swapping your dark brown flooring for grey and white flooring!

Does your house have any rooms that you wish were bigger?

Another exciting benefit of grey and white flooring is that it makes space feel bigger. No matter which room you use it in, it is guaranteed to reflect light around, as we mentioned previously.

This illuminating effect creates the illusion of a bigger, more airy space. The solution is simple: when you need to install a floor in a small room that looks cramped and dark, choose to lay grey and white flooring.

Have you already made a statement with your design?

If you’ve already made a tough choice with other elements of your decor, grey and white flooring complements it perfectly.

For example, do you already have a statement wall or a particularly bright piece of furniture? Both grey and white flooring are neutral options so are guaranteed to match perfectly with your design, no matter how bold.

When you have to make a modern statement with your decor, grey and white wood flooring is a smart choice.

Are you going for a monochrome feel?

There is a strong trend now for the minimalist look, and monochrome is a great style for people who like their lives to remain organized and stress-free. It’s also great for new homeowners as it doesn’t require lots of decoration or furniture.

Our grey and white flooring options fit perfectly with this gorgeously simple aesthetic. For people who want to create the monochrome look within their own homes, there is no better option than grey and white flooring.

Are you tempted by black flooring but concerned you’ll regret it?

Black flooring is a very bold choice because it is sleek and different. However, deciding to install black flooring in your home is a big commitment.

Many of our customers find that grey flooring is an excellent compromise. You get the same level of style and statement from grey flooring, but at the same time, you don’t have to worry that you’ve made an extreme choice that you might come to regret.

Do you want to make a powerful statement?

Both grey and white flooring are healthy stylistic choices. Try complimenting others more wishy-washy decors with something bold like grey wood: it highlights the choices you’ve already made, without detracting from them.

You find that grey and white flooring is easy to pair with any existing furniture and yet is a powerful statement. Your rooms and their current design will no doubt benefit from the addition.

Do you want something cost effective?

At Rhodium Floors, we ensure that the decision to add grey and white flooring to your home is not a pricey one. We have many incredibly cost-effective options: looking for a fresh new style that doesn’t break the bank has never been so easy.

We stock many options, and you can find them on our hardwood flooring product page. For the less tech-savvy, you can call us and find out more.

We are sure that you can find the perfect grey and white flooring for you. After reading all these benefits, there is no reason not to! Whether you want to brighten up a dark room, make a small room seems spacious, or make a statement piece of furniture more eye-catching, here are a few flooring options that we think can work correctly in your home:

Warhol French Oak

This light-tone, white Euro French oak blends with your current decor seamlessly, whether you want something modern, eclectic or even a floor for a homely cottage.

Old Grey French Oak

This dark-tone, grey Euro French oak is the perfect addition to both contemporary and rustic rooms.

Vecchio Casale Chevron

For a timeless hardwood floor that suites almost any home, city center flat, or cottage by the beachside.

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