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Is Hardwood Floor Right for A Bathroom?

by Roy Akirov
July, 2019

Choosing the right bathroom flooring

When it comes to a new bathroom floor, there are several different options available to you, and hardwood flooring can be a beautiful choice. Like any bathroom floor option, there are certain considerations you need to bear in mind, like moisture and maintenance. However, a hardwood bathroom floor can be a gorgeous and practical design choice if installed and maintained correctly. Hardwood floors are a much better choice than soft floors like a carpet in the bathroom, but they do require extra care, as moisture can be a risk to a hardwood floor and the bathroom is the wettest room in the house. There is a wide range of stunning hardwood bathroom floor options. There are also specific treatments to reduce water damage like warping and expanding. If you decide that a hardwood floor is the look you want for your bathroom, follow these tips to ensure it stays in the best possible condition.

How to seal wood floors in a bathroom

One of the most important things when choosing the right bathroom flooring is sealing your wood floor correctly. As bathrooms are wet environments, you need to protect your floor with a waterproof seal, to stop the water seeping into the wooden floor. A finishing agent can be used to create an invisible barrier between wood and water. Use a polyurethane-based sealer and apply several times. Pay special attention to seams and joints where water may leak. Talk to your chosen flooring provider about your specific needs and see whether you can purchase treated wooden flooring. You can reapply your finishing treatment every couple of months. Regular maintenance will also help your floor last longer.

Wood flooring and bathroom waterproofing

In its natural state, hardwood is particularly vulnerable to water damage, as wood is an absorbent material. Unfortunately, wood can warp, stain and expand if not treated correctly. Hardwood like classic dark oak or walnut is a much better choice than softer woods like pine. This is due to their dense grain which makes them less absorbent thus less prone to water damage.

When choosing the right bathroom flooring, it is important to bear in mind the high humidity that can be common in bathrooms, which can damage wooden floors. You can use a dehumidifier or moisture traps to keep damp, mold and mildew to a minimum. It is also a good idea to try and reduce spills and splashes, with rugs or use tiles around bath areas. Flooding can be catastrophic for a wooden floor, so keep on top of bathroom maintenance and plumbing to prevent and possible floods. 

Advantages of hardwood in a bathroom

Though high maintenance, hardwood flooring in bathrooms remains a popular choice because of its stunning look and longevity. Wooden flooring has a beautiful, natural appeal, with a wide variety of choices and beautiful patterns in the grain. Hardwood flooring in a bathroom can also be a much more natural alternative to tiles or linoleum. Because wooden floors are vulnerable to water damage, they may not be the best choice for family bathrooms used by children. However, for guest bathrooms or en-suites, they can provide a stunning interior choice.

Wooden floors are incredibly versatile and go with a wide range of interior design schemes. If you keep your floor properly maintained it can last for years. Wooden floors have a classic, timeless appeal, stunning natural beauty and it comes in many patterns like herringbone and planks. Furthermore, bathrooms can often seem cold and clinical with all white tiles. A wooden floor provides warmth and texture to a room that often needs it. The bathroom can be a gorgeous, relaxing oasis of calm. Use natural materials like oak and linen to create a bathroom that feels like a luxury spa. 

How to prevent hardwood floor damage

Because wooden floors are vulnerable to water damage, they need a little bit of extra care and attention than other bathroom flooring options. Because of the cost and quality of hardwood floors, it is a good idea to take some preventative measures to reduce the risk of damage to your bathroom wood floor. There are several practical ways you can protect your wooden floor, like using bathroom tiles around the bath where spills and splashes are likely. Another great tip is placing rugs and bath mats in places where water is likely to pool. You can use different styles of rugs or bath mats to update your room and change the style of it too.

When choosing the right bathroom flooring, you should be aware of the maintenance necessary for keeping your floor in the best condition possible. It is essential to keep your bathroom plumbing well maintained so the risk of flooding is reduced. Look out for any drips or leaky pipes, especially valve connections beneath a pedestal sink or toilet. Watch out for condensation around cold water lines too. It is also important to clean up any spills as soon as they happen. Simple steps like standing on a bathmat after a shower and making sure you turn off the taps can all help protect a bathroom hardwood floor. Be careful with chemical cleaners or products in the bathroom which can be acidic. These can stain the wood or eat through the waterproof coating so keep them tidied away.  

Installing hardwood floors in bathroom

The installation of your hardwood floor is of the utmost importance. It is worth getting a professional to make sure there are no leaks or gaps.  Creating a tight seal between the wooden floor and water in the bathroom is important to reduce any seepage. If your bathroom floor slopes, water can pool in lower areas. These moisture pools can be damaging to wooden floors so consider getting your floor leveled before installing a hardwood floor. To find the best flooring for bathroom, talk to a specialist hardwood flooring provider; we help you choose the best wooden floor for your needs and can recommend treatments for protecting the floor too. When properly looked after and well-maintained, a hardwood floor can last for years.

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