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How to Make Your Home More Pet-friendly, Design-wise

by Roy Akirov
October, 2021

Pets are indeed a joy to have around and are a much-loved part of so many families. If you’re preparing to get a new pet, it’s essential to think about how pet-friendly your home is. It’s important to keep them away from harm, as well as ensure that they’re comfortable in their new home. To help get your home ready for a new pet, we’ve put together a helpful guide to how to make your home more pet-friendly.

Pet-friendly floors

Flooring is something to think carefully about when you have a pet at home. Your flooring needs to be safe for your pet and resilient enough to cope with scratches and moisture. Both cats and dogs tend to shed hair and can sometimes have accidents, so it’s also important to have pet-friendly flooring that’s easy to clean.

For these reasons, vinyl flooring is a popular choice with pet owners. It’s durable and easy to maintain, as well as being resistant to moisture and scratches. Vinyl can also soften the sound of a pet’s claws as it walks around. Pet-friendly laminate flooring also works very well for similar reasons.

Pet-friendly flooring

Another great flooring choice is natural stone tile. As well as being stylish, natural stone tile is resistant to scratching, and most styles are easy to care for. Stone tiles also offer a vast choice of colours and designs. So you can have flooring that’s friendly to your pet and expresses your style.

A carpet is also a great option. This ensures your pet always has a soft and comfortable surface to walk on, and it’s easier to clean than other types of carpet. If you choose carpet tiles, you can easily replace any sections where your pet has left a stubborn stain or mark. You can also clean it with a pet-friendly carpet cleaner.

Choose cleaners carefully

You need to choose pet-friendly cleaning products that don’t present a danger to your animal. Many household cleaning brands sell pet-friendly formulas like pet-friendly floor cleaner, so select one of these or make your own. You also need to be mindful of insecticides. Choose a pet-friendly formula. Nevertheless, after using the product, it’s best to keep your pet away from the area for three days.

Plan your storage accordingly

Appropriate storage is another thing to consider if you have pets at home. Keep your valuable or fragile items out of the reach of pets. Put your precious or expensive items away once you’ve finished using them. Don’t leave them lying around for your pet to play with.

Pet-friendly storage

Having a pet also means having extra items at home like their food and toys. You can buy specialist storage containers for your pet’s toys and food and can even have some designs personalised with your pet’s name. Think about how and where you’re going to store your pet’s food too. A designated cupboard in the kitchen might be enough, but make sure it’s out of your pet’s reach. You’d want to prevent them from accessing their food whenever they want.

Pet-friendly upholstery and fabrics

Pets will potentially scratch your furniture or leave hair on it, so choosing pet-friendly upholstery and fabrics is essential. Woven fabrics are a great choice of pet-friendly furniture fabric, especially if they’re patterned. They disguise stains more efficiently and make pet hair less noticeable.

Leather is a surprisingly pet-friendly sofa fabric. Whilst some types of leather are more prone to scratching; it tends to withstand minor damage very well. It’s also easy to clean, and most spillages can simply be wiped off.

Synthetic materials like polyester are an excellent choice for pet-friendly couches and furniture. These are usually easier to clean than natural materials, and because of their high durability, they can often simply be wiped clean. Pet hair can also be removed from synthetic materials using a dry cloth, lint roller, or a piece of tape.

Pet-friendly sofa

Pet-friendly paint

When it comes to wall paint, always choose non-toxic products or paint made from natural ingredients. Semi-gloss paint is a popular choice for pet owners because it’s easier to clean than other types.

When choosing the wallpaper or wall paint for your home, select pet-friendly options that won’t become damaged straight away. Cats and dogs are naturally inclined to scratch wallpaper, so choose smooth surfaces that are less likely to tempt them. Cats also dislike metal surfaces, so metallic wallpaper might be a clever choice.


There’s no question that you need to think harder about your interior décor when you have pets. However, having pets certainly doesn’t mean that you can no longer have a beautifully decorated home. By thinking carefully about your furniture, décor, and cleaning products, you can maintain a beautiful home that’s also a pet-friendly home.

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