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How to choose the right floor color: wood stain shades

by Roy Akirov
April, 2020

There are a wide variety of different shades of wood stain available for hardwood flooring. As well as the choice of wood and design, different stain colors help to create different moods. Different shades of hardwood floor color and wood stain suit different home circumstances. That’s why it’s wise to spend some time considering wood stain color options before making your final decision.

What factors should you consider when choosing your wood stain color?

Room Size

Before you make your final decision it’s good to consider what might influence which are the best wood stain colors for you. The room size is a key factor. Larger rooms might benefit from a dark color wood stain. These tend to be warmer and can make the room feel more intimate. The dark tone Possagno design for instance has a rich contemporary feel. There’s a wide variety of darker shades to choose from so be sure to consult a dark wood stain color chart. Smaller rooms by contrast might be best with light wood stain colors that help create a feeling of space. The Mogliano design in a light tone, natural French oak can help lighten and expand the space.

Consider the bigger picture for the right hardwood floor color

There’s more than just room size to consider when it comes to the color of your hardwood flooring. The overall feel and style of the room is important. As well as considering the wall colors there’s also the larger pieces of furniture. How will the floor shade interact with the furniture stain colors, or other floors in your house? It can jar if you have items in the room with contrasting furniture wood stain colors to the floor. If you have feature furniture that you’d like to emphasize then opt for low-key, natural colors. The Bardolino Naturale in light natural tones might be a cool counterpoint to that family heirloom. Is your style contemporary or more traditional, eclectic or cottage? The floor color will play a huge part in creating the atmosphere in the room so it’s important to get it right. The floor should add to the ambience of the space not detract from it.

Furniture on stained hardwood
Furniture on stained hardwood

Room lighting

The light in rooms changes gradually throughout the day. This will mean that your floor color will change subtly along with it. If you’re looking at a floor sample at night using artificial light it will look very different to how it might during daytime. Make sure you judge the samples at different times of day. Also think what the room is used for. A bedroom might benefit from a restful dark color wood stain. A kitchen or children’s playroom may look better with one of the brighter light wood stain colors.

How does color influence moods?

The way you decorate your room and the colors you choose will have a big influence on your mood. Light colors tend to promote a sunnier, lighter atmosphere. The colors of oak stain reflect the natural simplicity and beauty of the wood. White American Oak Rift Floor in its cool tone wood stain is a perennial favorite. It has a wide range of uses and looks at home in a child’s playroom or in more formal settings. An interior filled with darker brown has a natural rustic feel. The stripped back rustic simplicity of dark tone South Beach White Oak has real traditional appeal.

What colors do wood stain come in?

Different shades of wood stain color choices can be narrowed down to black, dark tone, gray, light tone, multicolor, natural and white.

Black has a classic, sophisticated feel and makes for a bold flooring color choice. Herringbone Diablo Black in French oak is a striking option that might complement a contemporary urban interior. If you want something truly individual for your home then Fiore Incrostato French Oak Wood Flooring could be for you. Black, with a white three petal flower design it’s a real statement floor.

Dark tone wood flooring can anchor a larger space and provide a warmer feel. This makes its an excellent choice for open plan living areas. Belvedere Vogue is a dark tone French oak design that works well in contemporary spaces. If you’re looking for something a little more rustic try the dark tones of Noce Americano Walnut wood flooring. A floor that really emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood.

Gray wood flooring is chic and contemporary. Designs such as Dusk White Oak provide the perfect base for more vibrant wall colors and furnishings.

Light tone wood flooring is perhaps the most versatile of options. As well as being an excellent means to create space it looks bright and modern. It can offset bold color schemes or highlight feature furniture. Times Square European Oak Wood Flooring is a classic choice that is stained in 10-15 steps. This helps create a beautifully aged appearance. As a result it lends itself to both classic and contemporary interiors.

Natural tone wood flooring is for people who want to keep the natural feel of the wood. This range of colors blend easily into your home. Versailles in French Oak is an understated natural design. It has the kind of calm feel and simple design you associate with natural wood stain colors.

Multicolor designs use a selection of wood finish stain colors to create attractive and innovative designs. They spark interest and add design appeal to the room overall. Doge Classico in American Walnut and French Oak is a stylish eclectic flooring.

White is another bold wood flooring color choice. Often used in galleries and public spaces it’s all about maximizing the space and light. Wolfgang White is a simple white flooring that could work well in a study.

Making a considered choice

It’s not just about the color either. It’s also about how they interact with the wood and the design. That’s why it’s good to consider the existing decor and furniture before exploring your choices. Hardwood flooring continues to grow in popularity. It’s loved for its style and natural beauty. With so many different color stains to choose from there’s sure to be something to inspire you.

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