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How to Achieve a More Sustainable Interior Design

by Ana Maria
April, 2022

Have you ever thought about sustainable interior design? Have you ever asked yourself this?

“How do I decorate a home naturally? The furniture and décor I use impact the design of my home and the environment.”

Yes, it does, and for that matter, we feel that the world of interior design has seen a return to woven natural materials, organic textures and polished stone. Designers and their clients are seeking out interior design sustainable materials. But what is a sustainable interior?

Let’s have a look.

Sustainable Interior Design Materials

Organic materials found in nature, like wood, brick, stone, glass, tiles, cork or natural fibers really do hug a space in a veil of warmth and natural textures.

Unlike man-made materials, interior design sustainable materials have to come from different places and environments around the world. So, sometimes, they’re hard to get.

Over the past years, we’ve confined ourselves to our homes because of the Coronavirus pandemic and started to crave nature. Therefore, a lot of us have brought nature indoors without even acknowledging it.

Sustainable Interior Design Styles

You can use natural interior design materials across all styles. But here are a few examples where you can go all-natural.

Eclectic Style

The earthy and tropical interior design styles thrive on natural materials, ranging from raw woods to woven fabrics. You can add pops of bright patterns, geometrics and vibrant accents to bring color to these dusky surroundings.

sustainable interior design mood

Beach Style

Driftwood, bleached wood, rattan, cane, jute, and seagrass are all materials you will find in a coastal interior design style. You coordinate it all with a few adjacent blue accent chairs or rugs for a pop of color.

Farmhouse and Modern Farmhouse

Natural, unfinished wood is often found in rustic-style rooms and farmhouse interiors. It’s the very foundation of that old-time barn vibe you find in farmhouses.

Mid-century Modern

Natural wood takes central stage in any mid-century interior décor. It is actually the most common material used for mid-century furniture.

The beauty of natural wood grain is unparalleled, and you can contribute to the whole warmth, relaxing vibe with a couple of natural fabrics. A light wood coffee table would tone well with modern laminate flooring.

3. Sustainable Good Mood

Natural materials really improve our mood in the long term. We, as humans, have a deeply rooted connection with nature. Being in nature makes us feel good.

Natural, sustainable textures, patterns and the tiny organic imperfections that come with them calm and inspire us.

sustainability in interior design

Of course, natural materials alone don’t do that. It also depends on how you use them in a room.

4. Sustainability is more than just natural materials

This is where it gets tricky. What is sustainability in interior design? Sourcing natural materials from all over the world and arranging them in a room? Is that really eco-friendly?

Well, the short answer is yes. The long answer is more complicated.

However, we all know that plastic takes years to decompose, which can be harmful to interior design. So, the first step towards a sustainable interior design would be to remove plastic elements from your décor.

Secondly, you can start reading more about what things are made from and if they’re sustainably sourced.

If you’d allow us, let’s do a quick roundup of the primary natural materials in interior design.

Natural fibers

Read more about seagrass, sisal, jute, raffia, and rattan. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing grass plants in the world, and it’s an elegant natural fiber you can use for furniture, tableware etc. Moreover, it’s scratch-resistant. Cane is another material ideal for outdoor furniture. You should look into that, too.


Wood is one of the world’s most precious natural materials, and we should treasure it.

Unfinished or live-edge woods are probably the most natural choices here. Driftwood is a popular choice; a simple wood that had been salvaged after being washed out to sea, in a river or a lake.

You might also hear about burlwood. This is actually any type of wood characterized by a twisted and big knot that creates interesting textural patterns for the interior décor.


Genuine leather is probably the most luxe of them all. Cowhide, suede and sheepskin are some popular choices. If you keep them clean and dry, they will last you a lifetime.


Travertine, marble, and ceramics are naturally elegant materials that elevate any interior.

5. Design with sustainability in mind

Sustainable interior design is not only about the materials you use. For example, dedicate a lot of your attention and time to lights. Depending on how much natural light your room gets or how your lights are installed, you can save considerable energy.

positive vibes

Work closely with your architect to reduce the energy needed for heating, lighting and cooling a space.

Even drapery and window coverings play a significant role in how light enters and warms a room.

Remember that when you design a home, it’s not just for living. It should be intentionally designed to be everything you and your family need. When you design a space, you need to consider every aspect of how you lead your life and what makes sense for you. Never forget that.

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