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Herringbone vs chevron wood floor: are they the same?

by Roy Akirov
January, 2019

If you are choosing a new wooden floor, the debate between a herringbone vs chevron wood floor may have caught your attention. But what are the differences between them? Is a herringbone and chevron wood floor the same thing? This guide to herringbone vs chevron wood floor will cover all of this and more.

Differences between chevron and herringbone floors

Though they may look similar and both are variations of parquet flooring, herringbone and chevron wood floors are totally different. The shape of the planks is different, as is the pattern and overall effect. Both types of wood flooring provide a stunning option for your home, but it is worth understanding the differences so you can choose the perfect floor for you. The main difference between a herringbone and a chevron wood floor is the fact that a herringbone floor has a more subtle broken zig-zag pattern. With a chevron wood floor, the angles of the wood mean they form an exact point.

Herringbone vs chevron wood floor: are they the same?

Herringbone vs chevron wood floor: are they the same?

The pattern of a chevron wood floor

A chevron wood floor features a continuous zig-zag pattern, unlike a herringbone floor. The chevron wood floor is perhaps a more modern choice, with geometric patterns continuously popular in high-end, modern homes. Continuous ‘v’ shapes are what make a chevron wood floor so distinctive. You can create a variety of effects because of this pattern, from stripes to arrows. The wooden pieces that create a chevron wood floor are cut at an angle and this is another critical difference between a chevron and herringbone wooden floor.

A chevron pattern has pieces of wood set at a 45-degree angle, unlike a herringbone floor where the planks form 90-degree angles with each other. The ends of two planks of wood of equal size are cut on an angle and the ends of the wooden planks are cut at an angle too. When the floor is expertly installed, the two planks are fitted together to create a point. This means that the zig-zag pattern goes along the surface. Chevron patterns are not only seen on floors: you can complement your chevron wood floor with chevron patterned cushions, artwork and lampshades.

chevron floor (not herringbone floor)

The pattern of a herringbone wood floor

If you are going for a traditional, heritage look, then a herringbone floor is a great option. This floor has a timeless appeal only found in a quality hardwood floor. This instantly recognisable pattern is best in a period property or a grand entranceway. A herringbone wood floor is created with rectangular pieces of wood arranged to form a zig-zag effect. The solid wooden planks push against each other to create the herringbone pattern. This means the planks have less tendency to move or expand. For a really stunning herringbone wooden floor, this Natural French Oak Herringbone Floor is warm and inviting, with a timeless appeal.

herringbone floor (not chevron floor)

Different styles of chevron and herringbone patterns

You can choose both types of wood flooring in a variety of colours and sizes. This allows you to create the perfect effect for your zig-zag inspired wooden floor. For a modern look, you can create a Scandinavian-style chevron wood floor using light wood and larger planks. For a very traditional wooden floor, a herringbone patterned floor in a rich dark wood is a perfect match.

A herringbone or chevron wood floor made from long, thin planks will create a tighter pattern. You could use smaller wooden planks for this effect too. This chevron floor with lots of small pieces has a stunning effect with lots of detail. Also, you can choose a range of different colours and finishes. Dependent on the space of the room, you can use the size of the wooden floor planks to create the effect you require. Another great thing about a chevron wood floor is the ability to create a pattern. You can do this with different shades of wood or different colored planks. Though this is quite a bold design choice, for a statement floor, it is perfect. Look for unusual chevron floors and how they use the pattern to create different effects.

A stylish grey herringbone wood floor is a modern industrial twist on the classic herringbone. This floor would be an excellent choice for an office or an ultra-modern home.

A classic flooring choice

A parquet floor is a timeless and classic choice for your home. Both of these patterns have a long history and can be found all over the world. From Roman mosaic tiles to French ballrooms during the Renaissance to grand banqueting halls, a beautiful patterned wooden floor has always been a way of adding elegance and luxury to a room. A herringbone wood floor, with its broken zig-zag design, is perfect for a subtle effect. However, with a chevron wood floor, you get a tighter, more angular look. A herringbone floor is a classic choice, which has remained popular for centuries. Nowadays though, chevron floors are rising in popularity and are much easier to find due to modern techniques.

Choosing your perfect floor

These types of wooden floors, though ancient, have risen to prominence in recent years as we look for more natural and hardwearing design solutions. They are much more appealing than cheap laminate which breaks or carpet made of artificial fibres. If treated correctly, a wooden floor can last for decades, and as an investment, it will add a real wow factor to your home.

For a bold and striking look, a smoky style chevron wood floor creates an amazing first impression. With warm tones and a modern chevron style, this is a great flooring choice. This style floor is a great investment because it will last so long. It will also complement a wide range of interior design schemes so you won’t have to replace it if you redecorate.

Whether you decide a classic herringbone wooden floor or a modern chevron design wooden floor, look for quality hardwood and a finish that you love.

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