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12 Classic Interiors that Stand the Test of Time

by Roy Akirov
May, 2022

Home trends come and go, but classic interiors stand the test of time. So, rather than striving to stay on onboard the current home trends, why not think about pieces and styles that can make your home effortlessly elegant, classy and modern for years to come.

So, what creates a timeless interior design? It’s the furniture, it’s the use of established interior design concepts, the atmosphere you can create in a room, and the stories you can tell with a few timeless pieces. Let’s talk timeless interior design topics!

How to Get Classic Interiors to “Live Forever”

We believe that any interior design trend has the potential of becoming a timeless idea if thoughtfully executed. If you succeed to combine the elements together in such a way that the whole space feels balanced, and collected, with a sense of history to it, you’re in for a truly ageless design.

We feel that real wood transcends trends and ages, as its natural tones and warmth can elevate any space to perfection. Therefore, the iconic walnut wood midcentury furniture will never go out of style. It’s got that flair, that temperament that can work in every room.

So, classic interiors that never die have to manifest strong personalities and character. You can use vintage artworks, mirrors or fabrics to add a sense of identity and patina to the interior. If you feel you want a real challenge, consider converting an old cabinet or dresser.

But, what about kitchens?

white kitchen first

Well, the kitchens that stand the test of time are always white. White cabinetry combined with white subway tile backlashes always ages well.

12 Essential Elements of Modern Classic Interior Design

So, we took a step back and asked ourselves – what are the biggest challenges for interior designers today?

We think it’s always about deciding what to choose and resisting the urge to immediately go for the latest trends of the day. Timeless interior design ideas are not born in one night. We think they need to simmer slowly until they settle.

Probably, interior designers need to ask themselves – what is the most worthy investment in home decorations, and then build on that. Here’s what we’ve curated from different designers’ works!

Hanging pots&pans in the kitchen

We can’t erase those classic interior images of kitchen designs that stand the test of time. In almost all of them, you’ve got pots&pans hanging from the ceiling. It’s both a highly-functional and chic-looking idea for storing and keeping your everyday kitchen items close at hand. However, you can’t hang just every pot and pan. You should make sure they’re made of nickel or pewter.

Scenic wallpapers

scenic wallpaper in interior desgin

They started out in the late 1970s when they used to depict picturesque, bucolic or exotic natural scenes. But you can re-adapt the scenes to today’s styles abstract and modern styles. They’ll definitely make an impact on everyone walking in the room.

Gallery Walls

You can include gallery walls in almost any space. They can be symmetrical and balanced, or casual and uneven, depending on your concept.

Usually, gallery walls are quite personal. They might feature personal photographs or old artworks that have a strong sentimental value for the owners. It’s up to the designer to turn this gallery wall into a focal point for the whole room, hallway or stairwell.

Wide-Plank Oak Flooring

This type of flooring offers a classic, elegant and ageless aesthetic that will never go out of fashion. They create a sense of warmth and comfort regardless of date and time. Some people choose to have them even in their kitchens.

oak floors classic interiors

Exposed brick

exposed brick classic interiors

Exposed brick brings an outstanding industrial and unforgettable quality to any interior or exterior. Its beauty resides in its functionality as a core architectural building material.


Upholstered sofas and chairs do have an ageless air about them. They are perfect for watching TV, playing video games or hosting a cocktail party. We see them in any scenario, holding up their style and elegance. They work.


rattan timeless interior design ideas

This naturally-woven straw dates back to 8,000 B.C. Ancient Egyptians had many inventive applications for it. Up to this day, rattan does not disappoint. It’s natural, friendly, and interesting and it gives your room that old sense of craftmanship of classic interiors.

Marble countertops

Classic kitchen interiors that stand the test of time almost always feature marble countertops. They can really take a beating and still look beautiful while doing so.

Make the fireplace the focal point

Another tactic we’ve seen in many classic interiors is making a fireplace the psychological center of the room. Everything else pivots around the fireplace.
Moreover, there’s a plethora of designs and types of fireplaces that you can choose from. Brick, marbled, mantled, or just decorative, this design element can draw everyone in together.

Warm colors

A warm palette with one or two bright hues will revive a place, bringing happiness and light into any classic interior. Consider navy, emerald green, dreamy violet or bright coral.

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White bedclothes

white bedsheets classic interiors

This might seem like a minor detail, but it can play a major role in your interior design. White bedding is relaxing, effortless, elementary and homelike. It’s the color that we most associate with sleep, spruceness and comfort. Go for simple white sheets and embrace a bit of minimalism in the bedroom.

Open floor plans

Open floor plans bring a sense of community to interiors, allowing for a balance of functionality and comfort, without compromising. In an open floor plan, you can spend quality time together, as a family, while doing separate things.

every detail counts

All in all, beautiful work will always stand the test of time. Classic interiors don’t go out of style because of the carefully thought-out details that take a room from flat to interesting and special. What are your design ideas?

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